Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Easy brownie frosting substitute

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

My friend Kathryn brought over a pan of brownies recently, and I commented on how cute they were. "I'm usually doing good just to get brownies made, much less frosting for them too!" Kathryn's also a mom of 5 kids, so as it turns out, she had a secret tip for the "frosting" part.

When your brownies come out of the oven, sprinkle some chocolate chips on top and then put the pan back in the oven for a few minutes.

Chocolate brownie topping
(This made a fairly thick topping; I think less worked better)

When the chocolate chips are hot and soft, take the brownies back out of the oven and spread the chocolate over the top.

Chocolate brownie topping

Allow to cool before cutting. The chocolate topping keeps the brownies moist and soft, makes them look cute, and is easier than frosting! :)

Fudgy black bean brownies

I made fudgy black bean brownies for this past weekend (we had company both days). These were more fudgy and dense than in the past, and the only thing I can think that I did differently was using a stick blender instead of a regular blender. Maybe having more air beaten into the batter (from a tall, fast blender) makes them fluffier!

At any rate, they were chocolatey and delicious as always... and fancy-looking this time too. ;) The best kitchen tips come from friends and family! :D

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1. Using a Mason jar on a blender (Everyday Mom)


What I do for brownie icing to make a thinner one, more like a glaze. Then I punch a whole lot of holes in the top of the brownies with a toothpick, then drizzle the glaze over the top. The holes let it soak down into the brownie and make it extra moist and chewy.

I may have to try your way though. It sounds really quick and easy. I'd make sure to under bake the brownies for a minute though, so they wouldn't get overdone while melting the chocolate chips.

I've never tried the black bean brownies, but I've seen them pop on a bunch of blogs lately, so I might have to give them a try soon.

We do this all the time!! So easy and delicious :)


I have never heard this tip before! Looks yummy and easy! Thanks!


I did this tonight and it worked fabulous! Thanks for sharing...cause I would have never thought of that!


We use chocolate chips for brownie & cake icing as well; however, we also add in chopped pecans, but we don't spread it. YUM!

I see that you used your jelly roll pan for baking the brownies. Did you double your brownie recipe? If so, did you make any modifications to it? I just made them (currently baking) and the batter was really runny. They smell wonderful!

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