Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tips for soaking pans

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Since I generally do dishes just once a day, I often have a few pans from earlier in the day to wash after dinner. Here's a couple soaking tips for pans:

When you're finished using a pan, put the lid on it. This traps the moisture inside and keeps food from drying on the pan.

Soaking pans

If you heat water for coffee or tea (am I the only old-fashioned one who still heats water on the stove for these?), use any extra (leftover) hot water to soak pans or skillets until it's time to wash them. Just pour the water in the pan and put the lid on -- even just half an inch in the pan with the lid on will "soak" your pan nicely! :)

Soaking pans
My cleaned-up kitchen before bed; I love a clean kitchen!

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Here's my kitchen tip:
Eating Healthy Breads/Grains on a Budget, it's part of a series I'm doing.

Thanks for the tips! Mine is about freezer meals.


My kitchen tip: baking potatoes without foil @ simplefoody

Dishes only once a day! I must be doing something wrong! We generally run the dishwasher 2-3 times a day....I will admit that I do not wash pans by hand...I try to never wash anything by hand! Maybe that's the problem.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who does dishes only once a day. These will be useful for me; I had never thought of putting the lid on to trap moisture.

I have a kitchen tip at

Hi Tammy, I have another tip up on the blog today. :)
How to keep greens fresh longer.

Thanks for sharing your tips, I too only wash dishes once a day except on Saturdays it seems I wash twice. Your clean kitchen makes me envious. I think I need to declutter mine so when it is clean it looks that way instead of cluttered with things. Maybe I will be inspired from your picture. Thanks.

Hi, Tammy! Here's my tip:

I *try* to remember to keep my dishes "moist" if I can't get to them right away. *Try* being the key word. :)

Hi Tammy!

I love this series! Here is my Kitchen Tip with ways to use up leftovers in new recipes:

-Dallas :)

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