Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Rinsing large items in the kitchen sink

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Here's a tip for rinsing large items in the kitchen sink:

Rinsing large items in the kitchen sink

Hold the item over the sink, and use the sprayer hose (or a cup of water) to pour over the item gently, to avoid splashing water everywhere.

How do you use a sprayer hose without splashing?

Rinsing large items in the kitchen sink

Turn on the faucet so that only a little water is coming out. Then use the sprayer to get that water up where you need it, to rinse your large container or dish.

See that beautiful sunshine in my pictures? We've had 2 weeks of lovely spring weather! It's a challenge to get any housework done when the weather's nice. We tackle school first thing, and then just want to play outside... :) I've been intending to take pictures throughout the day for an updated "day in our life" type of post, but somehow always end up running in 10 different directions at once until we're out the door, headed to the park or somewhere quiet, leaving behind the work and anything electronic, including my camera. Perhaps I should assign a child to be the photographer some day. :)

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1. Organizing the fridge (Simple Foody)


Beautiful weather. We too now live in a cloudy, rainy area and I finally understand what you mean when you say when the sun is out so are we. That's been how it is around here too.
And do assign a child as photographer...just think of it as a homeschooling project. ;)

My tip:

Organizing the Fridge


When we renovated our kitchen, my husband and I disagreed on a lot of things. The one thing both of us agreed on was we had to have a very large sink. We have a huge sink from Swanstone in a brown granite finish. It makes everything easier and even the plumber said he was going to get his wife one. We can use a similar container like it for soaking greens or other things.

I wrap a thick or doubled wash cloth over the sprayer thingee and then it doesn't splatter all over the place, but pours out instead.

Hi, Tammy! Here's my Kitchen Tip Tuesdays post about organizing recipes:


Oh, I would love a "day in your life"-post and perhaps a post about how you manage to work exercise into your day ;-)
We all need the sun, you are so right to get out when the sun is shining.
Here it is constantly gray and rainy for weeks now.
We do get out but it's not the same. We miss those sunny days.
Hopefully soon...

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