Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Chipotle hot sauce on the cheap(er)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Joshua takes a container of cooked pinto beans along to work each day for his lunch (cheap, easy, and healthy) with some hot sauce drizzled on top for flavor. Yummy!

Well, some time back, we discovered chipotle hot sauce and it's SO good with beans. Since we eat so many beans, we can go through hot sauce pretty quick -- which is okay when it's affordably delicious Tapatio, but not so much when it's $3-4 bottles of chipotle hot sauce. ;)

So, Joshua did the logical thing: he bought chipotle hot sauce in bulk. His favorite is the Tabasco Chipotle, so he got a half-gallon of it on (I was skeptical, but it arrived safely, WITH a free jar of Tabasco salsa!)

Hot sauce mixture

But buying in bulk wasn't enough of a money-saving move for Joshua; he started mixing half Chipotle sauce and half Tapatio for a delightful hot-and-smoky sauce flavor. We're still plowing through that big jug of sauce, but it IS going a lot further -- and we love the combined flavor!

Do any of you mix up your own hot sauce combos? Tell me about them! :)

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Thanks for all the great tips!

I am so going to try that.

My tip for the day:
How To Fill Muffin Cups {in pictures}

Thanks for hosting the link-up. As always love your site!


My tip is about how to make good use of a low-priced big block of cheese by freezing in a way that makes it easy to use in future recipes without any loss of quality.

Thanks for hosting! I like your hot sauce idea.

Tammy if you go to Cash and Carry, I know there is one in Seattle area you can get this hot sauce so much cheaper, than ordering it online. At least check it out. We get all our meats there except hamburger, and they have dried beans etc. at a reasonable price. check them out.

I prefer chipolte too and have purchased online bags of dried chipoltes. Pull off stme and soak over night then blend in blender or processor and add to any slasa/hot sauce. Another route to go is to purchase the Herdez brand of chipotes chiles in adobo sauce, in a can - they are good and hot - then blend that to make a smooth sauce and either use straight or as they are so hot, mix with other slasa.

Last tip: Homemade salsa!
I large onion, (I prefer red) chopped
4-5 jalepenos, stems and seeds removed, chunked
5 dried chipoltes, (or 1 can of Herdez Chipotle Chiles in Adobo Sauce) soaked over night in water to soften
5 - 6 ripe tomatoes, quartered
I bunch cilantro, washed of dirt, rough chop
1 large cucumber, peeled, chunked
1 cup vinegar - apple cider
1 - 2 limes - I toss in some peel, but cut off bigger pieces
salt to taste

Mix/chop in food processor - careful not to over blend if you like it chunky. This is so good you can eat it like gazpacho!

Tammy, I know you're sooo busy! But I am missing regular blogs and family updates! ;) God bless!

We were having a hard time finding a hot sauce that Mark liked. We tried Tapatio after hearing about how you like it. He loves it! Thanks. :-) His one negative is that it isn't as hot as he would like. I'll have to tell him about your combo idea.

We do not use any Teflon/nonstick cookware. I would love to use a bread machine. Do you know of any made without the nonstick surface? I appreciate any help or advice.

I don't think I have had that one! I will have to try it! We love Tapatio!

How long does it take to bake whole wheat bread on the Sojirushi breadmaker?
Thanks, Ginny

I miss your posts with menus, shopping trips, family activities and especially delicious recipes! Will you be doing posts like that any more?

Miss hearing from you on your blog. Hope you are OK.

Hope all is well, hope you post something soon!

Where are you from the midwest?

Hope all is well with you....miss your blog and pictures of your beautiful childern!

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