Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Cleaning residue on a glass top stove

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Hi! Today I am going to tell you how to clean residue from a glass top stove. What, you don't remember a smooth top range in my kitchen tour? ;)

We moved last month. It was an abrupt change, at the whim of our former landlord who decided to rent the house to a friend. Moving is expensive and a ton of work when you're a family of 7 and you're not expecting to move for another year or longer. What can I say? Never assume that others will keep their word, and remember that 20 days' notice to move (Washington state law) is insanely short notice.

The burned residue around a burner on the glass top stove

So, new rental house. As a clean-freak renter, I find myself deep-cleaning what the last person called "good enough". ;) This thick ring of residue was around one of the stove burners. To be fair, it didn't really affect the stove's performance. But, it bothered me because I didn't feel like the stove was clean.

The burned residue around a burner on the glass top stove

A close-up of the residue: since the stove top is black, I couldn't tell exactly what the residue was but assumed it was burned-on food.

Cleaning a glass top stove

When I have burned food in my stainless steel cookware (rare but it does happen occasionally!), soaking it in baking soda overnight is like magic to remove the black burned residue. Something about the baking soda just dissolves the residue and it wipes right off!

So, I wet the surface and smeared it with baking soda. And tried to be patient. I should have done it overnight, because I ended up being bored and restless and after a couple hours I was scrubbing at it.

Cleaning a glass top stove with baking soda

After a while, I decided to try a razor blade to scrape off what little remained. I know that sounds scary, but I had heard that it would work. With trepidation, I used an old box cutter blade to gently scrape off the residue. No scratches. It came right off. Should have just started with the razor blade. Don't tell Joshua I used a razor blade on the glass top stove (!!).

The center of the burner is still cloudy. It's completely smooth, but cloudy and slightly discolored. Oh well; the rest of it looks great now, and best of all, when I wash the stove it's completely 100% smooth and CLEAN-FEELING all over! Yay!

A cleaned glass top stove!

I was nervous about this new kitchen. Nearly everything about it is different from my last kitchen, or the kitchen before that (apartment), or the kitchen before that (house in Ohio), or the kitchen before that (which was also before I had a digital camera).

But, I'm learning that different is okay; maybe even good -- and I've fallen in love with the glass top stove.

Glass top stove -- cleaned

The new kitchen! Black counter tops. Crazy. I think I would like them a little better if there was under-cabinet lighting above them, but there's not and we're renters. But seriously, try making double-chocolate cookies on black counter tops. The crumbs are invisible until they hit the floor! ;)

The good part is that my yellow decor looks smashing on the black granite. Ha! :)

Anyway, that's a snapshot from my kitchen today. Thank you to you who have emailed me asking if everything's okay due to my online silence. It means so much to me. :)




So glad you're back! And I hope this new move works out well for you and yours.

Here's a post on alternative uses for canning tongs:


Thanks, Rachel! I'll link to that next week. :D

So glad to hear from you. Hope the move went smoothly and you are feeling settled. Changing homes is hard even if you are expecting it and have plenty of time to prepare - I can't imagine having to do it in 20 days! Hope you and your family have an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having this week in the PNW and I look forward to your next post.


Hi Laura!

Hasn't the weather been beautiful this year? I felt like we had our "summer" in April-May -- so many lovely days! We have taken days off to go out on walks, and we moved to the Silver Lake area, so the kids have gotten to go swimming there a few times already this summer! :)

I must clarify that although Washington state law provides only a 20-day notice for month-to-month tenants, our former landlord did provide more than 20 days' notice to us (we were moved in 27 days). It did catch us off-guard because she had asked us to sign another year's lease in June but before that was signed, she changed her mind (not due to anything on our end).

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify for those who commented about the 20 days' notice. :) By allowing our lease to continue month-to-month after our first year, we put ourselves in the position of allowing this to occur. Live and learn, I guess? :)


We also have a glass-top stove, and the booklet of instructions with it says to use a razor blade for burned-on residue! We dampen the area and then (carefully) scrape away and it works wonderfully!

Just wanted you to know it's a valid way to clean the gunk off the glass. :)

Oh, good! :) I haven't taken time to look up the owner's manuals (online) for any of the appliances here yet... :)

Hi Tammy!

We are in the process of moving too. I am currently taking a sanity break from packing. My whole married life I have had a gas stove. My new home has a glass top electric stove like yours. I was actually disappointed because I love having a gas stove, but now you are making me excited. My stove is hard to keep looking clean and yours looks great! The lady selling us her home is very clean and the stove looks great, but I'm glad to know that it is easy to clean if I make a mess on my stove. Thanks for the great tip! I would never have thought to use a razor blade.

Side note: I tried changing my blog address on my name link, but I couldn't figure out how. I transferred my blog to I am not blogging much since we are in the process of moving, but would like to keep up with you.

I hope you enjoy your new home. The kitchen looks nice. Sorry about the circumstances.


Hi Heather!

Congratulations on your new house! :)

I grew up with a gas stove, and get to use my mom's when I visit her. She has a gas stove and electric oven, which is a more expensive model but SO nice to use! I love cooking with gas, but I think you will adjust to electric just fine. It's a little different, and not quite as easy, but if you're making familiar dishes it won't be hard (no "guesswork"). :)

I changed the blog address in your profile here. I'm glad it's still viewable even though you're not regularly blogging right now! :)

Glad you're back, but so sorry for the stress you've been thru! Moving un expectantly is hard, I'm sure you handled it with grace!

here's an idea for under the counter lighting, get some of those bathroom mountable fluorescent lights. They work great as long as there are available plug-ins. I've used those multiple times because my kitchen had no lights or the lighting was not efficient.

You can actually buy commercial scrapers here in Canada, they have a nice handle to avoid cutting yourself and have spare razor (!) blades. My stove came with one, but I've seen them at Walmart and Sears too. I just hold it in an slight angle to the surface and scrape away. Sometimes right away if something boiled over. The trick is to wipe around the pot after the misshap immediately and then remove the pot, this avoids more liquid spreading and burning in. As long as the complete side of the blade is on the glass you are fine. Also every couple of weeks I use some glass top cleaner (1st bottle lasted 4 years), this gets rid of the dull spots, marks that wont come off with the razor and it also protects it. The only thing I'm really careful with is my cast iron on the glass, I don't slide that one around.
Moving with 20 days notice, wow, that's harsh from the landlord. We are only 5 and moved 3 times in one year and I thought that was crazy.

Glad you are back online! I hope you do a new kitchen tour video!

I tend to wander over here most Tuesdays just to see if you have posted a new tip. I was starting to worry when nothing was happening! Glad you are back online. Can't wait to see pics of the rest of the house. The kitchen looks great! We have dark counters and love them. The kitchen always looks so clean. :-) LOL!

Welcome back! Your new kitchen looks lovely. I have a glass top stove also (and all white countertops and vanities...the lady who built the house was obviously crazy! lol). I use a razor blade all the time on my stove and have since 1999 when I got it and it works very well for the raised burnt rings. Also, another tip I recently read that made me say...'Now why didn't I think of that?!', is to lay your wet dish rag over the hardened mess and let it sit for a while. I usually get mine pretty wet with really hot water and it keeps me from having to scrub as much or at all.

Moving is so much work, glad the hard part is behind you!! It is a beautiful kitchen, love it. Black countertops would be hard to see stuff on, though. Glad you are back, love your recipes!

Your kitchen is beautiful! I have a glass top stove and I use a razor blade on it along with Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaner. I buy the cleaner at Home Depot it cost around $8.00 a bottle and it last forever.
WoW- 20 day's to find a new home and move a family. That's one crazy law. Glad all is well. Take care

yup we use that too and it works well and also leaves no streaks on the glass! something like this would work for under counter lights

Wow, that lighting looks really cool -- I didn't even know they made stuff like that. :O We'll have to see how dark the kitchen feels to me in Winter. Right now, we get a decent amount of natural light but that's going to change in November, for sure! I love a well-lit kitchen, and this one isn't too bad (it has 1 ceiling fixture, a light above the stove, and 1 medium window above the sink which is mostly shaded due to trees) but it's definitely not as bright as my last 2 kitchens. :)

It's interesting... in summer, a room with plenty of windows needs basically no artificial lighting at all... in winter, the same room needs good artificial lighting because of the many days where our 8-9 hours of "sunlight" is darkened by the thick, low cloud cover... yay, PNW! ;)

Tammy, congratulations on your move! I know it can be very stressful to move with little ones, especially when you have so very little notice. So glad to hear that all went well, and that you're enjoying your new kitchen. I've so enjoyed your kitchen tours in the past, as well as you videos on how to do certain tasks and recipes. I'd love to see a tour coming up sometime of your new kitchen after you're settled and have a little more time. Thanks so much for updating us!

It's good to read an update from you, and I'm glad to read that you and your family are all doing well. I come back to your blog every so often because you always have such helpful practical tips to share. This one is no exception. I have a glass top stove at home, and I've let some of the burners get a mark around them. They're clean and smooth, but I'm going to use some baking soda to see if I can make them mark-free, too. We own one half of a duplex, and the kitchen/dining area is all one room with very limited counter space. So when I'm confident that the burners are all completely cool to the touch, I really appreciate being able to use them as an extended counter area, like for my cooling racks when I've been using the oven.

I love the look of you new kitchen! Hope you will post a video tour of your new place. I enjoy seeing how you organize things!

I was imaging the worst! But so glad you and your family are ok..and just had to move! your posts Tammy!

20 days? That is not nice! Glad you found another place quickly and based on your pics above, it looks as though it is nice! Welcome home!

I saw you moved from your MFP updates. Whew...20 days. Not to sure that would go over well here ;) You know we are waiting on a kitchen tour...right? Hope you all are settling in well.

HI Tammy,

Yes, I was wondering also. Glad you are doing well and posting again!
I don't know if they have this at the store where you are at. But if you can get Bar Keepers Friend. That is the BEST stuff you can use. And I also use a razor blade on my flat top, so don't worry about it.

Bar Keepers Friend should be in the aisle with comet, ajax, etc.!


I missed you too!! I was actually looking on your site/page not too long ago to see if I'd missed a post or something. Glad you're all moved!!

I love baking soda for cleaning... and the best of all it's environmentally friendly!!!

Kim J

I'll try BOTH on my icky stove top! Welcome back!

Lisa @

You can also sprinkle Bon Ami over the burnt areas and dribble on some dish soap to make a paste, and with a damp sponge (soft side only) you work it out. This can get up most of the tough stuff, no soaking required. I cleaned high-end homes for a while and this is the safe method we used regularly on the most expensive stove tops of every type. Just keep the area a little wet with water and soap.

I am so happy to see you back! I was worried about you - all the way here in Georgia! Glad it was just a move and nothing too serious. I have missed your posts, so I am looking forward to your new ones.

Moving in a rush is always the pits. Hope the new house is much better than than the last one and you are able to settle in quickly and enjoy your new space!!!


Hi Tammy

Glad to see you back. We were a bit worried!

We live in Scotland. We get a product called Hob Brite from the supermarket, it is recommended by the manufacturer of our cooker. It is not very expensive, but does a really good job. If you get a really bad stuck on stain, say, burnt milk, they also sell a little scraper that you can use on it. There is bound to be something similar in the US.

Nice to see you back. Hope all is well with Joshua and the babies.



The Lord bless thee and keep thee; the Lord make his face shine upon thee; and be gracious unto thee; the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. (Numbers 6:22-26)

Will there be a photo kitchen tour?? I love your tours :-)

So glad you're back! Missed your regular posts! I've lerked for a while but haven't commented before - your recipes are such a hit at our house!

A couple of notes about the glass top stove:

The store we bought our stove from recommended a glass-top cleaner for the stove since anything with particles (baking soda, etc.) can leave micro-cracks in the surface which shorten the life of the stove. You can get it just about anywhere, works wonderfully, and lasts FOREVER (our first bottle lasted us 13 years since we try to wipe up spills as they happen).

Also, if you plan on canning or using a pressure cooker, check the weight limit on the cook surface and then the weight of your full pot. Many are fine for using a hefty pressure cooker but a full canner weighs too much for the surface (I do my canning outside on the "extra" burner on our gas grill). Just something to check and keep in mind.

Enjoy your new home, Tammy! And thanks for letting us know how you're doing!

Mr. Clean Magic erasers get rid of this easily.

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