Spring Side Dish: Italian Pasta Salad

Italian Pasta Salad recipe
Italian Pasta Salad recipe

In preparation for lunch guests this past weekend, I pulled out the recipe for an old favorite: Italian Pasta Salad. This is my favorite pasta salad recipe because it has so many veggies and a great parmesan-Italian flavor. Our children all love garbanzo beans, black olives, tomatoes, and cucumbers, and they consider pasta to be a special treat -- so when they saw what we were making they could hardly wait for lunch time to arrive! :)

Eliyahu helps make the pasta salad

Eliyahu (age 8) was my helper for slicing and dicing the vegetables. I used tri-color spiral pasta from a Costco multi-pack. The first time I purchased pasta at Costco, I was surprised by the quality difference. Their pasta holds together well and has a good texture.

Italian Pasta Salad recipe
Italian Pasta Salad recipe

Notice my lovely new Corelle plates? The tile floor in this kitchen hasn't been as kind to my dinnerware as I'd hoped. My thoughtful brother Reuben and sister-in-law Mariel went thrift store shopping for me and found quite a few Corelle bowls and plates, including some neat designs. This plate (above) is one of my favorites. :)

Channah helps wash the dishes

Channah (2) helped me wash the dishes that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher. When we finished I took off my gloves, and next thing I knew, she had put them on. What a sweet girl. I think all little ones LOVE getting to wash dishes and play in the sink. :)


So glad you have your blog up and running again! I missed reading your posts SO much! Hope you have a fantastic week! :)

Thank you, Laura! :)

One of my favorites, you can't go wrong with that dish. The kids are getting so big and are so helpful around the house. You are so blessed! :)

Thanks, Sydney! I do feel very blessed. :)

My mother and grandmother both had that set of Corelle, I inherited my grandmother's set when she passed. She still had the whole set, even the gravy boat! I love those dishes.

Karen, how wonderful! I'm sure those dishes are a treasure. :)

I have these dishes, too. I had them years ago, discarded them, and bought them again recently. I have the stacking bowls to match. Love 'em!

Where did you find the Corelle? Online, or was it at a local thrift store? :)

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