Today was "supposed" to be a relaxing day at home, just puttering around, doing odd jobs. I should know by now that my "relaxing" days always get filled with more and more things that just "have" to get done!

My day started by waking up early (that's about 5:45 am for me) and feeding Eliyahu. He woke up and started giggling, apparently ready to start his day. So, about 6:30 I took him downstairs and Yehoshua woke up. I gave Yehoshua a bowl of homemade granola with milk for his breakfast, and managed to eat some myself, in-between changing diapers and getting ready for my walk.

At 7, I was pushing the double stroller down the street, meeting up with a friend who lives a couple blocks away, for our morning walk. We walked just over two miles (our usual), and I got home a little before 8.

By then, it was getting sunny and hot out, and I realised that I needed to get diapers in the washer. My morning practically flew by with attending to the children, making out a grocery list for the week, hanging out clothes, etc... In the afternoon, I was able to get the lawn mowed (since I thought it was going to storm this evening!) and kitchen cleaned up.

The only "real" cooking I did today was making a new dessert. We'll taste-test it and if it's good, I'll share the recipe. :) It took me a while to make because I was making my cherry pie filling from fresh cherries, as they're in season right now! Really good, but time-consuming. :D Yehoshua helped me, though!

Yehoshua helps wash and pit the cherries...

I have a few more recipes to share before I head to bed, if time permits. Oh, and Joshua bought a salmon fillet at the store today! We haven't had salmon lately, but I guess the season is starting. Joshua makes yummy grilled salmon. We have served his recipe often for company and even people who say that salmon isn't their favorite are usually impressed and say they really enjoyed his! I like it better than steak! But, anything that Joshua grills is good. :) I hope he writes a review on his grill soon, because it makes great food.


Oh, Tammy. Don't tempt a pregnant woman with pictures of her favorite dessert! Ack!

...but you won't be pregnant for long ;)

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