Weekly Menu -- October 1, 2006


  • Pan-scrambled eggs (with pastrami), carrot-granola muffins, and toast
  • Black Beans and Yellow Rice, cooked peas, pumpkin cream-filled cupcakes
  • Fasting for Yom Kippur starts Sunday at sunset


  • Fasting for Joshua and me until sunset (Yehoshua can eat something light during the day)
  • Toasted bagels, scrambled eggs, and applesauce






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I know I should be thankful for 'em, but YEEEESCH!

Anyone have a tasty pea recipe out there? The only way Aaron can get me to eat them is in 7 layer salad. ;)

We love cooked (frozen) peas... as I guess you can see from our menu ;) Canned peas are gross though!

I love peas in a dish I call "rice medley": peas, rice, and seasoned burger!

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