Welcome to our first guest chef, Ruth Visser of Vermont

Chicken Lo Mein

Ruth is sharing her recipe for Chicken Lo Mein. She writes, "I've come to realize lately that cooking is a passion for me. =) If I go a few days without baking something I begin to feel a little like I am having caffine withdrawl." :D

She says about this recipe, "Though I love cooking ethnic food, this was my first experiment with Chinese. It turned out delicious and is fairly quick and easy to make."

Thanks for sharing your recipe and photos with us, Ruth!

 Ruth Visser

Ruth Visser, 25, is a homemaker, mom of two blessings and wife to her wonderful husband, Mark. She loves cooking for her family, trying new recipes and coming up with ways to eat a little healthier.

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I'll have to try this out. I'm Rebekah Loveless' sister. This web site is really cool! I'll be on this a lot. I'm always looking for simple, delicious meals for our big family. :D Thanks for your help! Have a great day!

...I don't know who Rebekah Loveless is, but welcome to you :D Thanks for visiting, and we're glad you enjoyed the site! :D

Hello, Grace! What a nice surprise to see you here! = ) Tammy's site is lovely. I am anxious to try more of the recipes myself.

Sorry I wasn't clear about my comment. It was directed to Ruth. Thanks for the welcome though.:D

Smile lots!Laugh often!

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