Week in Review: July 28th, 2006

 Week in Review

Week in Review: July 28th, 2006. Wow how time flys when you're having fun! As you can see from the above collection of recipe shots, we were very busy this week! Tammy added over a dozen new recipes. A special thanks to our guest chefs, Judee and Tanya, for their wonderful recipe contributions--we quite enjoy trying our family and friends' best recipes! In addition to our recipe of the week, Grilled Chicken Fajitas, we posted our general grilling times chart and Tammy wrote an insightful article about recipes and copyrights. So if you missed and of this weeks recipes or want to catch up on all the events here on TammysRecipes.com keep on reading!

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Eliyahu updates, recipes added, granola-making photos, etc.

Eliyahu  Eliyahu continues to grow up way too quickly... he can scoot himself around now (but isn't actually crawling) and just loves being able to move around in his walker. Earlier in the week, I discovered two new teeth, the top front teeth. Then yesterday, I realised that Eliyahu has four new teeth poking through on the top! Wow!
I asked him what he thought he was going to be needing all those teeth for. ;) He's such a sweet, content baby and doesn't seem to be ready for solids yet, by my estimations. ;)

Eliyahu can also say "mama", although he usually only does it when he's crying! I don't think he's actually talking about/to me, though. At any rate, I'll take it, since Yehoshua didn't say "mama" until he was almost 2!

I made my chicken rice bake recipe for Sabbath last week. It's a convenient dish, since it can be prepared ahead and just baked when needed. I really enjoy it, but it isn't Joshua's favorite. I hadn't made it for months, but I made it a lot when Eliyahu was first born. :)

We also added our favorite chicken fried rice recipe (which tastes much better than it looks in that photo we currently have up... someone should make it and take a better picture and send it to me ;D). The chicken fried rice is one of Joshua's favorite meals or side dishes. In fact, I think he's made it more times than I have!

Tuesday evening I made a batch of chocolate biscotti. I hadn't made that for a long time (probably years!), so we all enjoyed it. Yehoshua kept sneaking bites of it! I wish it didn't leave black crumbs all over the table (and floor, if you're Yehoshua!). :)

Wednesday night was sweet and sour chicken night. Which reminds me, I want to find a good recipe for orange chicken and sesame chicken. Does anyone make those? If not, I'll search through some cookbooks or online. :)

Last night we had Chicken and Dressing Casserole. I had made it up ahead of time, since I knew I would be gone teaching music lessons during the day. It turned out great, and was a real blessing, since I received a surprise long-distance phonecall from my friend Ruth, and I enjoyed getting to chat instead of having to think about dinner. :D The casserole also used up the last of my yeast cornmeal bread that didn't turn out very well (too dense and hard), but which was perfect for stuffing/dressing. So, I added my "homemade stuffing mix" recipe. (I know it's cheap to buy but I don't like feeding my family all that MSG... and it's also quick and easy to make. So, why not? :D)

Last evening we also got to enjoy the first produce from our yellow squash plant. Yes, you read that right: we only planted ONE yellow squash plant, since last year we had three and were giving away tons to anyone who would take it. So, it figures that this year our single squash plant seems to be dying. I hope we get at least enough more to try a few other recipes besides our stove-top cooked squash that we had last night!

Yehoshua is my granola-making helper
Here's another picture of my little granola-making buddy. Yehoshua always pulls up a chair whenever he sees me getting out the big bowl to make granola. In this picture, from a couple weeks ago, we were making Tanya's granola recipe. Yehoshua kept picking out the almonds. ;) (I used whole almonds since I didn't have slivered almonds.) Sometimes I let Yehoshua pick in the food while I am making it, but I have taught him to say, "Mama, may I pick, please?" instead of just picking. Joshua heard him asking me one time, and thought that was hilarious. :D But hey, picking in the food is fun for little kids... I tend to always tell Yehoshua "No,... don't do that, stop that,..." etc. and I have to remind myself to let him have some fun. So... sometimes he picks in the food. :)
And the best part... eating it :D

Yehoshua also enjoys eating granola for breakfast on many mornings. (Please pardon his "morning hair"!) He's a neat eater... unless he decides to dump the food. :| He likes to drink all the milk from the bowl first. I think he saw me drinking from my bowl one time... :D

Well, now Yehoshua's up from his nap, and we need to get clothes hung out, food made, some clean-up done, etc... Have a blessed weekend!

Guest Chef Tanya Luscombe shares family favorites

Dutch Cheese Patties Recipe

Welcome to guest chef Tanya Luscombe! Tanya submitted a couple of her family's favorite recipes: Dutch Cheese Patties (pictured above) and Almond Coconut Granola. Read more, as Tanya shares about these delicious-looking meals!

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Tea Review: Twinings Four Red Fruits Flavored Black Tea

Twinings Four Red Fruits tea

Four words can describe this "Four Red Fruits" tea: This tea is  amazing. It's a flavored black tea, with that smooth tea taste and a lovely fruity aroma. Cherry seems to be the strongest of the flavors, with hints of strawberries, raspberries, and redcurrants. The smell is nice, but the taste... WONDERFUL. Not only do you get a full-bodied fruit tea flavor, but this tea leaves a fruit-juice after-taste in your mouth! Joshua tried this tea, and he loved it. (He is more particular about which teas he likes than I am.) It's one of Twinings' best teas, in my opinion.

As a side note, there are some fun and interactive things on their UK website!

Yehoshua is my little school buddy

Working on school...

Yehoshua started school last week. We're doing a sort of preschool, I guess you could say. What it really is, at this point, is a little chunk of time each morning (usually between 20 and 45 minutes) where we get out lots of goodies and work on some concentrated learning.

I have been wanting to start doing this with him, but hadn't made the time. A couple weeks ago, my friend Sheri gave me a book of homeschooling ideas/plans for preschoolers. It is really excellent. (I plan to share more about the book soon.) I got motivated almost immediately to start using some of their ideas and start having a more formal learning time for Yehoshua each day.

Yehoshua doesn't know all of his letters, numbers, colors, or shapes yet. The ones he did know, he would be stubborn about talking about. So, last week we had a week "theme", which was the color red, the letter "A", and the shape "square". We tried to talk about those things all week, during our "school" time, and throughout the day.

 I also had Yehoshua trace an "A" on his Magna Doodle, which he could somewhat do, but not very well yet. We colored, and looked at red things, and found squares in the kitchen. We did puzzles. We played with a red ladybug. Yehoshua drove around in his red car, and wore red clothes. We took old plastic sour cream (or cottage cheese, etc.) containers and cut out red-colored squares and "A"s. We played with the "A" magnet.Yehoshua loves school 

Curious George... the only reason Yehoshua gets to wear a tank top! 

So, Yehoshua knows what an "A" is. And he knows squares, and red... and somehow also picked up about triangles and circles and blue.


This week is the letter "B". He already knew that one ("B is for Baby!") but we're taking a week for it, anyway. This week's color is blue, and we need to do the number "1" also. We cut out more shapes and colors from old containers. (We're "recycling".)

And Wal-mart had a wonderful sale on Crayola crayons--a mere 20 cents for a box of 24! Amazing. We're going to bo coloring for a while. :) If only Yehoshua wouldn't break the crayons every time I turn my back... ;)

Now when I say, "Yehoshua, do you want to do school?!" he gets all excited... and we start "playing school". This is fun. Learning is fun, and talking children are fun, and teaching two year olds about the world is fun.

Are Recipes Protected by Copyright?

I thought it was interesting to learn about exactly what the copyright laws are regarding recipes. According to the U.S. government, a list of recipe ingredients is considered a scientific formula or compound, and cannot be copyrighted.

However, the instructions for a recipe may possibly be protected by copyright laws. For example, if your recipe instructions are something like,

"Mix flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. Drop onto greased cookie sheets and bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes."

then that may not be copyrighted, as it is not original, intellectual, or unique. There are only so many ways to say, "Mix x plus y."

However, if with your recipe you have written your own, extensive or literary directions, then it may be protected by copyright law. For example,

"I like to whip the sugar and butter with my stand mixer while I get everything else around. Then I carefully fold it all together, mixing gently. I form the cookies using..."

It's also considered proper etiquette to tell where you got the recipe, idea, or base recipe. You don't have to, but it's nice, if it really is a recipe from a cookbook and you only changed a couple minor things.

Personally, I feel that if I've taken a recipe and changed nearly half of the ingredients or proportions, and written the directions myself, then it's become "my" recipe. But I love to share "my" recipes. I feel it's quite a compliment when someone asks, "May I have your recipe?" and I am always willing to share. :)

A Washington Post article about recipes and copyright can be found here.

TammysRecipes.com recipe and photo use stipulations

Grilling Times

This is a handy general guide for grilling times. While these are adapted from the Weber Q Grill cooking manual, this should be helpful to owners of other gas grills as well. Weber tested all the various cuts of meat on the Q Grill and provided this information in a cooking manual, and in my experience they are all spot on. This is one reason I love my Weber Q grill--I know everything will turn out exactly how I want because they have tested all the food on it already and provided me with perfect cooking times and settings.

It's too late and I'm too tired to think of a good title...

Today was just lovely outside. I walked at 6 again... sure seems early!! The sun isn't quite up, but by 7 when I'm back home, it's bright out already. :) I put diapers in the washer before I left, and when I got back they were ready to hang out. Yehoshua was waking up, so I put shoes on him and took him outside with me. He was so good outside today... I'm so thankful for the days when he doesn't try my patience all day! :)

I gave Joshua a haircut this morning; it's always nice to have that done and out of the way, for a few weeks. :) He looks so nice in a fresh new haircut!

After the haircut, we ate lunch (leftover Incredibly Easy Taco Pie) and I got Yehoshua and Eliyahu down for naps. I had time to check my email and do some things around the house, and then it was time to get ready to go to Yehoshua's appointment. Why do children take long naps on the days when you have to go somewhere, so you end up waking them?! ;)

We got back from the doctor's at about 4 pm, and I made a very tasty dinner (which is a surprise until next week's guest chef post!). ;)

Oh, I hear Eliyahu waking... I'd beter go feed him and head to bed! Good night! :) I hope to have some new recipes up soon :)

Guest Chef Judee shares her creation: Incredibly Easy Taco Pie!

 Today's guest chef knows all about cooking for lots of hungry mouths while maintaining a reasonable food budget. Meet Judee, a mom to 6 (and Nana to 5!) from Washington state! She's sharing her own recipe for Incredibly Easy Taco Pie, a meal that Joshua grew up eating and that I have come to love!

 Incredibly Easy Taco Pie
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Recipes, childrens' naps, and walking

Today has been a good day so far. I woke up at 6:30, determined to be productive. I threw diapers in the washer and bundled Eliyahu up and tucked him in the stroller. It was actually 60 degrees out this morning! Yehoshua slept in until 8 am (we were out late last night!) but Eliyahu was wide awake so I took him on my walk.

When I got back home, Yehoshua was waking up, and I immediately changed him and put his shoes on so he could go out and help hang up laundry with me. He was very good, and didn't run off a single time! Sometimes I feel like I spend more time disciplining him than hanging laundry!

We went inside and ate breakfast. During the morning hours I managed to make granola, make energy bars, and make brunch.

I finally got Eliyahu down for a nap, and Yehoshua helped me tackle the huge piles of dishes: all of yesterday's dishes, plus baking dishes from today! We hurried and got them done in about 45 minutes. By then, it was Yehoshua's naptime!

I am so thankful for naptimes. YHWH must have known that moms would need a little "re-charge" time in the middle of the day. :) It sure is nice to tuck Yehoshua in, sing him a song or two, and then have a little break to either hang out with Eliyahu and Joshua, work on the website, take a shower, etc... :)

Starting tomorrow, my friend Jeanne and I are going to walk at 6 am instead of 7. We're trying out a new schedule. We'll see how we like it. :) I'm debating whether I should start putting Yehoshua to bed earlier so that he can come with us, or just start not taking him on the walks. I will probably try for the earlier bedtime. :) I like taking him along, and with the double stroller, it's easy.

I'm still not sure what's for dinner tonight! Isn't that bad?! ;) I'll have to decide on something soon, though! I did start some cornmeal bread (I hope it turns out good so I can share the recipe!) so maybe I can think of something to go with that. :) I'm just kinda hanging out, typing away, enjoying the peace and quiet. :)


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