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Just a quick post about lunch

Grilled Chicken Salad

 We ate this delicious salad for lunch today. Yum!! We're leaving in just a couple hours to go visit my parents, so this is it for today. I have 2 loads of clothes to hang out and tons to do, so I'll just post a quick lunchtime photo and be gone. (read more for photo of Yehoshua and me!)


Once again, Joshua rescues me with his grill...


I don't know how many times Joshua has "saved" my dinner plans (or lack thereof) by offering to grill something for me. :) Today at the store, he got some chicken breast (on sale, of course) and so we had chicken sandwiches for dinner. They were really good, and it wasn't only because I was hungry. ;)

I made some baked beans to go along with the sandwiches (I did the stovetop version) and we had some cooked peas, and red beets from the garden. In all, it was a nice meal, and I have some leftover beans in the fridge to snack on. :)

(Read more about my day)

The day is ahead of me...

...and I have somewhat of an idea of what I need to get done. Joshua took Yehoshua grocery shopping with him, and Eliyahu is napping, so I am basically all alone in a quiet house! What a luxury! I managed to get some laundry hung out, some laundry put away, dishes done, etc.....  (Click "read more" to hear about my plans for the day)

Joshua's Grill Tames 4th of July Chicken Breast

Suggestions to get tender, juicy grilled chicken which is bursting with flavor. 

What 4th of July week would be complete without some grilling? Thankfully Tammy is very diligent and keeps us stocked full of quality meat at affordable prices. Recently boneless chicken breast was on sale for $1.69/lbs. so we have been grilling a bit of chicken, which is great... except I prefer steaks! The good news is that over the years I have learned some good approaches to taming chicken to get tender, juicy meat that has great flavor. This week I would like to share some of these ideas.

Site updates: Challah, breadsticks, Cheesecake, etc...

You might have noticed the new feature that Joshua added to the site today. In the top right corner we now have a "Recipe of the week"! I'm quite excited about this, since it will allow us to spotlight a special recipe each week. This week's recipe is Grilled Lemon Garlic Pepper Chicken, and if you like lemon with your chicken, you'll love the recipe that Joshua created for it! Be sure to watch for...  (read more)

Yehoshua and I made granola today!

Yehoshua loves to help me in the kitchen! Today we made granola. Our morning started our rather hectic.

For one thing, we went walking later than usual, and so it was getting really hot out by the time we got back.... (click here to read the rest of the story, including a photo of the finished granola!)

Tea Review: St. Dalfour's Strawberry Tea


Looking for a delicious organic flavored black tea?
Here's my review of St. Dalfour Strawberry tea! 

Welcome to guest chef Olivia McEntire!

Trifle, a recipe submitted by guest chef Olivia McEntire

I am delighted to welcome our second guest chef, Olivia McEntire! Olivia has submitted three delicious-looking dessert recipes, one of them being especially for Independence Day! Click here to read more.... 

A couple new recipes:

First of all, I just want to say: Having my own personal technical support for this site is awesome. ;) I just woke Joshua up because I could not figure out how to get something to work... he figured out the problem right away ;) I'm so glad I married someone who knows a lot more about computers than I do! :)

Secondly, most of my longer blog posts (which will probably be the majority) will require you to click on either the title link or the "read more" link at the bottom in order to read the rest of the post. I had been posting the entire entries all on the main page, but I want to try this system and see if it makes the site easier to navigate and use. So....... click to read more (and see a picture of Yehoshua mixing up brownies)!

Enjoying my little ones...

So often, as I am caring for Yehoshua or Eliyahu, I marvel at how blessed we are by our children. They are so, so precious, and I just don't know where the last 2 years has gone... how could I be the mother of a 2-year-old, and how could my baby be 6 months old already?! I want to cherish every moment I have with them, whether it's nursing Eliyahu, playing a game with Yehoshua, making Eliyahu giggle, having a "conversation" with Yehoshua (who is just starting to talk!), or getting some sweet spontaneous kisses and hugs... (read more for a cute photo I caught)