Bulk herbs and pregnancy tea

Bulk herbs

Red raspberry leaf tea is an excellent health supplement for women, especially during pregnancy. In the past, I had been given various herbal pregnancy teas, but I used the last of those a few months ago. I have been patiently impatiently wanting to order some herbs to mix up my own pregnancy tea. My herbs came this week, and I have been jumping for joy! Literally! Just ask Joshua how many times I've said "Honey, I know I already told you this, but thank you so much for the herbs!!!!!" :)

I like to get my herbs in bulk from More Than Alive. (This is also the company where we bought our Berkey water filter!)


Mixing up pregnancy tea!

I mixed my own pregnancy tea, based on the measurements given for the pre-mixed "Mama's Red Raspberry Brew".

8 parts red raspberry leaf
3 parts alfalfa
3 parts peppermint
2 parts nettle leaf

I whisked everything together, and then put it into a container in my tea drawer. I've already been really enjoying my "pregnancy tea"! :)

My wonderful loose-tea-infuser!

This handy little teapot makes it so easy to brew loose-leaf teas! (You can read my review and watch a video clip of me using it here!) I love it. Yehoshua does too (that's his hand in the picture). ;)


bulk herb store
Submitted by Anonymous
I think I've bought from the same company. I love their teas. They have a salve too that I use for the kids. It's wonderful for bug bites to cuts; I use it for just about everything. Anyway I would love to hear more. :)

Submitted by Anonymous
My midwife gave me *almost* the same tea; it had the red raspberry leaf, alfalfa, nettle, and comfrey. Everything but the nettle grows in my backyard... not on purpose. :) My little one is 7 weeks now, and I am officially allowed to stop drinking the tea (now that I'm finally used to it!). Enjoy!

Submitted by Tammy
I've never tried the Eden Salve... I have not done a lot with herbs but I have always tried to drink red raspberry leaf tea (we harvested our own a couple years ago) during pregnancy... and I like the taste, so I drink the "pregnancy tea" even when I'm not pregnant. :) I did get some fennel seed from a bulk foods store (actually cheaper than ordering it online) and plan to add that to the pregnancy blend during nursing. :)

Submitted by TaftMommy
You harvested your own red raspberry leaf? What did that entail? Does it have to be a specific type of red raspberry?

Harvesting red raspberry leaves
Submitted by Tammy
Well, my mom has a huge red raspberry patch, and we harvested the leaves from there. We dried them in the dehydrator. They did look like what I just purchased, but I don't know what type they were, and I have no idea if we did it the "right" way! :)

It's not too much work, and it's free... BUT, I will say that a 1-pound bag of red raspberry leaf from bulkherbstore.com is HUGE and costs... $6.95, I think? So...  it's a major time-saver to just buy it! :)


Submitted by Anonymous
That is a great company! I have loved their rrl tea, and just found "Dr. Cinnamon" which is great on a cold morning, too. :)

I use a French coffee maker (I don't know if that's the name) to steep my tea in it--it's a little glass pot with a mesh disk that you can push down when it's done steeping, and all the leaves stay on the bottom.

Submitted by ShannonLynn
What is the best thing to use to not get floaties? My husband will drink the tea when I fix it for him but he is starting to not be able to handle the floaties. I could strain through a coffee filter I guess but if someone knows a different way I would appreciate it. Is there a tea pot type thing that will brew more then one cup with no floaties? I'm not asking for much am I? :)


Tea strainers
Submitted by Tammy
Well, my IngenuiTEA teapot (in the last photo above) brews about 14 ounces at a time and has a pretty fine mesh strainer, and I haven't noticed anything getting through BUT it also probably wouldn't bother me if there were a few loose bits in my cup, so I can't say anything for certain. The strainer in the bottom is a lot finer than the wire mesh teaball infusers, though... it's a plastic mesh.


Submitted by ruthieroo
I'm no tea expert but right after I read this comment I was browsing a list of crafts that use recyclables or promote recycling and these instructions for making your own cloth tea bag (out of muslin) jumped out at me. I haven't tried it yet but I think I will. Instructions here.

Otherwise I just use one of those metal mesh tea balls.


Mixing the tea
Submitted by tinachoe1031

Hi Tammy, I wanted to ask, how did you measure your tea? I'm not sure what it means by "8 parts." I got some tea from Bulk Herb store as well, and wanted to make a premix as well, but i"m not sure about the measurements. Can you let me know how you measured your tea? Or if anyone else can let me know, that would be great!


Mixing bulk herbs for pregnancy tea
Submitted by Tammy

Hi, Tina!

A "part" can be any measurement -- a tablespoon, a 1/4 cup, a 1/2 cup, a cup, etc. So you would choose your measure (for example, a tablespoon) and then use 8 tablespoons for "8 parts", 3 tablespoons for "3 parts", 2 tablespoons for "2 parts", etc. This way, you can easily make however much tea you need. :) Does that make sense? :)

Submitted by tinachoe1031

Thanks Tammy! That makes perfect sense! Can't wait to make my premixed tea!

Learned something new!!
Submitted by Jules
thanks Tammy!

Honestly I didn't know a part could be ANY measurement lol.

I'm feeling a bit silly now lol, now I'm wondering what i thought they meant when so-and-so would say 2 parts (something) to 1 part (something) I dunno, maybe I thought they meant a cup.

I dunno, but thanks!!

Pregnancy Tea?
Submitted by Army Wife

I have never heard of pregnancy tea... I was just wondering, what are the benefits?

Me either!
Submitted by Jules

I don't drink tea at all during pregnancy. Matter of fact I don't drink any caffeine, (that includes chocolate) during pregnancy, as caffeine is not good for the baby. I only breastfeed for a few days, so I can enjoy the occasional chocolate after pregancy. :-)

Tammy, does this tea have caffeine in it? I don't know what is in those herbs.

Benefits of pregnancy tea
Submitted by Tammy

Well, pregnancy tea is just an infusion made from herbs that are beneficial during pregnancy. :) Since it's not made from the tea plant, it's not a "real" tea, and it has no caffeine. :) In the U.S., herbal infusions are commonly called "herbal tea" even though they're technically not tea. :)

Here is a good page about some of the herbs I used in my tea. The peppermint is the least "essential" of the herbs, since it's purpose is for flavor and relaxation -- the others have great health benefits like vitamins! :) You can always use Google to find a lot more info about any of these herbs! :)

First of all I have really been enjoying the reading on your blog. I have ordered several types of herbs from the bulk herb store. I just love their store and her parent's ministry.

Now for the question, do you know if the pregnancy tea will affect my breast milk supply now? I am still nursing my 16 month and although I love nursing her I do not really want to increase my milk supply while pregnant. : ) I am trying to limit her nursing to 4-5 times a day and I am worried with more milk she will want to nurse all the time. Just wondered if you knew anything about this.

Thanks and I pray God continues to bless you and your beautiful growing family.


Hi, Emily!

I know that the pregnancy tea won't decrease milk supply, but I'm not sure if it would boost your supply. I didn't notice much difference in supply when I drank it while nursing, but, everyone's different. :)  

My friend just gave birth, and while she was pregnant she drank gallons of pregnancy tea. I had a few cups while at her house, and I'm hooked--I actually crave the stuff. The only catch is that I'm definitely trying NOT to get pregnant. Can the tea be counterproductive to someone who isn't pregnant or trying?

The herbs in pregnancy tea are all very beneficial and as long as you aren't drinking huge amounts of concentrated pregnancy tea herbs (whether pregnant or not!), you'll be just fine. :)


I was reading about Red Clover along with Red Raspberry leaf, nettle, etc being good for fertility and pregnancy. Then I went onto a website to buy organic products and when I went to read more about the Red Clover, it suggested that I not drink it while pregnant....do you know anything about Red Clover and if it is best to stick with the leaves you suggested for pregnancy tea? I am not currently pregnant...but would like suggestions of what to drink for fertility. Thanks!

Red clover is not recommended during pregnancy -- not sure exactly why (use Google to find out, I guess!).

There are other herbs that are okay for pregnancy -- besides the one in my pregnancy tea. But the most beneficial herbs will be found in "pregnancy blends" -- read the labels and see what sorts are used! :)

I've been interested in making my own tea mixes for a long time, but haven't actually done it yet and was just curious, approximately how many cups of tea can you make with 1 lb of a dried, cut leaf?



True "real" tea leaves -- a pound of dry tea leaves will make about 200 cups of tea!

For herbal infusions like this "pregnancy tea", it really just depends on the strength you prefer. I haven't really measured, but I am guessing something like 100 cups of strong tea -- and 200+ cups if you like it not quite so strong.

A pound of dried herbs, like the red raspberry leaf in this tea -- is quite a large bag!! :)

For a reference, I drank about 4 strong cups of this tea during the last 3 months of my last (3rd) pregnancy. I had a very healthy pregnancy and delivery, with no complications. As always -- check with your midwife about how much she feels you can/should safely consume! :)

Hi Tammy! What would you say are the benefits to buying the herbs individually, rather than buying the Mama's Red Raspberry Leaf Blend? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! Blessings!

Only the price, in my opinion. I think overall, buying the herbs separately and mixing them myself resulted in saving 50%. However, I was planning to drink a lot, give some away, and, well, drink a lot! Haha ;)

If someone was just planning to drink a cup or two of pregnancy tea for the last month or two, a pound (of the pre-mixed) would be plenty. :)

Can I just put the herbs in a pitcher and then strain when it is done seeping? Also, how long do you let it seep?

my duaghter in law is having her second baby in jan and we just found out that it is a boy cant wait we are so excited this tea sounds like a pretty good tea i know that nettle is really good for you i will give this recipe to her heck i think ill try it for my self thank for sharing the recipe

i like trying different teas i am not pregnant but this sounds like it pretty good for you so i will give it a try

wow does it really help with the pregnacy? so if so, what exactly does it help with? i would like to know. does it help with the pain, moring sickness, and everything else included in the pregnacy?

we are expecting are first grand child in april and it is a boy i will pass this recipe on to her for the tea the extra supplements will do her a world of good

I love tea but have never thought about buying it in bluck i will have to give it a try

I bought the herbs from Bulk Herb Store n got a "pregnancy tea" mix recipe from the book "Be your own doctor" but the recipe in there is 3 part red raspberry leaf,1 part alfalfa,1 part nettle and 1 part peppermint (optional) n I don't like it:( (its the nettle).I was sooo excited 2 get the tea.I have a 11wk old lil girl whom I'm breastfeeding,she's my first and I'm planning another pregnancy once she's 6mnths so I'm really trying to heal and prepare my body.Thank you so much for this recipe I'm hoping that I'll like it.

P.S its nice to see sum1 that wears a headcovering too on the net, mine is just black...God bless you! -Lisa

I am glad you clarified what a "part" was. I wasn't sure if you measured by a dry measure or by the weight of the herb.
One comment: if someone nursing is drinking the tea, the peppermint can cause their milk production to decrease (esp. if they drink a lot of it).
I add some yellow dock to my pregnancy tea--it helps maintain my iron count. It is not pleasant to taste, but the peppermint usually covers it up.

Hi, I'm 33 weeks now. And I'm kinda stupid when it comes to this stuff... I'm not sure what it means when it says one part this or one part that... could you give me actual measurements for this tea? And also will it still help me during labor if I start drinking it now? Thanks so much 8)

Sorry I asked that with out reading all the rest of the questions. I got my answer 8)

I was looking at the ingredients in your pregnancy tea and they are almost the same as Mother Love's more milk for two pregnancy ticture for breastfeeding moms. It is supposed to keep your milk supply up during a pregnancy.

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