Tea Chef Contest Update!

Click here for the video review of Adagio.com's ingenuiTEA! (8 MB, WMV file, 2 minutes)

Some of you may recall my recent excitement over the discovery of adagio.com's monthly online Tea Chef contest! A free sample of their tea, and the opportunity to create a new recipe? Count me in! My two tea recipes so far have been Double Cranberry Crumb Cake and Almond Chestnut Biscotti.

My ingenuiTEA tea pot

Last Thursday, I was surprised with a FedEx package from Adagio.com. I was unaware that the most recent tea chef winner had been announced -- and that it was ME! Needless to say, I was shocked and delighted! 

The prize included adagio.com's ingenuiTEA tea pot, a beautiful, fun clear glass mug, and a tin of delicious Chestnut flavored black tea. You can bet I'm having a blast with this handy little tea pot that brews my loose leaf tea easily and conveniently! I am debating whether to ever buy bagged tea again -- which is monumental considering my addiction to collecting empty tea envelopes/bags!

My ingenuiTEA tea pot

And, if you're wondering how many cups of tea I drank the first day I used the ingenuiTEA tea pot, well, I'm not telling! ;) Let's just say my loose-leaf tea supply isn't going to last another year as was previously predicted. ;) The ingenuiTEA tea pot is just too easy to use. If you love high-quality tea, you're doomed. :D

I am also thoroughly enjoying the glass mug, since I normally brewed my tea in just any old mug. The glass mug they sent is light, holds a lot of tea (13.5 ounces), and shows off the beauty of the tea in a really great way!

So thank you, whoever took the time to vote for my little recipe. I love tea, and receiving a special prize just make my week!

We wanted to thank Adagio.com by making a short video review of their ingenuiTEA tea pot. The video is about 2 minutes long (8MB, WMV file), and shows how the tea pot works. I had never done a video review before this, so it was an interesting experience! :) You can right-click on the graphic below and save the video to your computer to view. Enjoy!



Congratulations Tammy! How exciting to win a recipe contest! That tea pot looks fantastic and I like the clear mug too. Tea can be such a pretty color. Now I really have to try your recipe!
I too like to brew my tea with loose tea leaves and herbs. One of the only things I "collect" are tea balls, or tea infusers. I have only a small collection, but one of them is an antique. It was my great-grandmother's, and is a stearling silver tea pot shape. She was born in the 1870s, and it was given to her by her aunt. Drinking tea makes me feel connected somehow.
I'm downloading that video now!

Congrats, Tammy!! How exciting to receive something you didn't know was coming!! :)~Tanya

Wow! I have to say I'm not surprised by your win--you're a terrific cook!

I suggest you check out a book called "Recipe Fever" by Amy Sutherland from the library. It's about the subculture of people who enter cooking contests for fun and profit. An interesting read for anyone who loves to play with recipes!

Meredith from Merchant Ships

Congratulations, Tammy! Well done! :-)

That teapot and glass mug looks fantastic and it seems like you already are enjoying using them very much. I too love using glass mugs/cups. They truly show the beauty of tea!

Congratulations, Tammy! That's wonderful! I'm so tickled for you...(also just a wee bit jealous!) :O) I can just imagine your glee when you were opening that package!
You have such a wonderful site here...you deserve it!

Congratulations Tammy. I love the teapot, I drink a lot of loose leaf green tea that I get from the oriental groccers, it is such a mess that I don't drink it as often as I would if I had that wonderful tea pot. Enjoy your prize, what fun!!!


I love that pot! I am buying one today!

That is really neat! I am going to have to look at the teapot, it sounds really unique. I think I went over and voted sometime in the last 2 weeks I recall. I had no idea you won though. =)

Thanks for your kind comments, everyone! I feel very blessed. :)

Dana, thanks for sharing. :)

Meredith, "subculture"? hmn. :) I may have to check that book out, although the tea chef contest is the first cooking contest I've ever entered! :)

Pinja, thanks!

You are all so kind. :)

I m so interest to buy ingenuiTEA tea pot ( cuz I m crazy hot tea!) but one thing I dont know where to start to buy herb tea. I always buy tea bags at grocery store and I always love to add lot of sugar.. and also I like Cinn too.. what you think I should try of herbs tea?

hope you will answer my question :)


Hi Today i seen a show on my cable called America's Test Kitchen and they tested teapots and yours was the one that came out on top. So now i well get one for my sister-in-law ,she loves hot tea. congrats on your win.


May I have an update on the adagio.com's ingenuiTEA tea pot? Do you still like it & use it often?

I have nothing like this (not even an infuser) and would like to get something to use for dry herbs. Okay, the only thing I have is a teaball spoon item (I'm unsure what the official name of it is). I was checking your blog, to see what brand/items would you recommend.

thank you

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