Soft Kefir Cheese (or Yogurt Cheese)

Soft Kefir Cheese (or Yogurt Cheese)

A creamy soft cheese made from kefir or yogurt. Easy to make and a perfect substitute for sour cream, cream cheese, and more!




8 cups (or more) homemade kefir or homemade yogurt

Supplies needed:

Cheesecloth or thin dish towel


1. Place your strainer in the bowl. (Ideally the bottom of the strainer should rest at least a few inches above the bottom of your bowl.) Line with the cheesecloth (2 layers of 90-count cheesecloth works perfectly!) or clean thin dish towel.

2. Pour your kefir or yogurt into the cheesecloth or towel. Allow to grain for 15-20 minutes. Carefully and gently tie the towel ends together to cover the kefir (or yogurt). Allow kefir to drain for an additional 8-24 hours (can be kept out on the counter or in the fridge while draining), until the cheese is the consistency desired.

For a sour cream consistency, I like to drain for about 8 hours. This makes a creamy spreadable texture, perfect on tacos, beans and rice, or spread on crackers!

For a thicker cream cheese consistency, drain for 18 hours (approximately). This is great for cheese balls or cheese spread.

Drain for 24 hours or so for a thick soft cheese copnsistency.

Add herbs if desired! Store cheese in fridge until used (keeps for several weeks).

Soft kefir (or yogurt) cheese

Soft kefir (or yogurt) cheese

Soft kefir (or yogurt) cheese
Kefir cheese (left) and the whey that drains off (right)

Soft kefir (or yogurt) cheese

Additional Notes: 

Soft kefir (or yogurt) cheese
Soft kefir cheese spread on homemade rosemary crackers. Delicious!

Soft kefir (or yogurt) cheese

Preparation Time: 

5 minutes + draining time (6-24 hours)

Tammy's Review: 

We love this easy soft cheese! It's simple to make and has a great tart flavor, similar to good sour cream but not quite. :)

Read more about this cheese in my blog post about it!

Soft kefir (or yogurt) cheese

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