Sport Berkey Filtering Water Bottle: Instantly clean drinking water! (Video review, giveaway, and discount)

Sport Berkey filtering water bottle
Sport Berkey: on-the-go filtering water bottle

If you've been a reader here for very long at all, you've probably heard me rave about our Royal Berkey water filter.

Our Berkey is a counter-top water filtering system that is effective, affordable, and perfect for disaster readiness, as it filters without electricity and can even filter rain water!

Read more about the Berkey here. We bought ours 3 years ago from More Than Alive and love it! We're still using the original filters, which should last another 3 years yet. At 1.6 cents per gallon over the lifetime of the filters, we are so blessed to have clean water for cooking and drinking that is practically free!

The Sport Berkey Portable Water Purifier is a water bottle with the same great black Berkey filtering element, set up for on-the-go instant filtering. More Than Alive offered to let me try out a Sport Berkey, along with giving away one here. (Scroll down for giveaway details!)

Sport Berkey filtering water bottle

Initially, I wasn't really sold on the idea of the Sport Berkey filtering water bottle. After all, the water from our Royal Berkey is so inexpensive, and I am completely infatuated with my Contigo water bottle. Plus, I'm at home 95% of the time so I just carry water with me when I go out.

However, I am really liking the Sport Berkey water bottle! I decided it wasn't really fair to compare the price of its filtered water to the Royal Berkey, but instead, compare to bottled water.

The Sport Berkey isn't exactly cheap, at $29. Using water from any source (think a rain barrel, stream, or river!), you can refill it 160 times, making each bottle of water 18 cents.

If you're refilling from the tap (city water or well water), you can refill about 640 times, decreasing the price per bottle to just FOUR CENTS. FOUR CENTS, people! And that's for a 22-ounce bottle.

What I love about the Sport Berkey:

  • Instant, on-demand, on-the-go filtered water.
  • Perfect for traveling. You can take an empty Sport Berkey through security at the airport, and then fill from a drinking fountain. So much better than paying inflated prices for airport water or drinking straight from a fountain!
  • Bottle is BPA-free, and water is filtered just prior to drinking. This water tastes great, just like water from our Royal Berkey!
  • Perfect for emergency preparedness or disaster readiness. The Sport Berkey has a shelf life of 50 years!
  • All the same great water features as other Berkey water filters: clean, healthy drinking water with beneficial minerals remaining.

The filter in the Sport Berkey can be replaced for $17. This makes subsequent refills even cheaper than 4 cents. Now, I haven't had my Sport Berkey long enough to need to replace the filter, so I can't attest to how well the actual bottle holds up over the years.

I would not want to use the Sport Berkey water bottle to replace our counter-top Royal Berkey water filter. We use lots of water for cooking and drinking, and there's no way a little bottle would supply those needs!

However, if:

--You are not the head of a household and want something personal-sized

--You travel a lot

--You have limited space

--You're on a limited budget

--Or you currently buy bottled water

...then I think the Sport Berkey could be a great investment!

How well does the Sport Berkey water bottle actually filter? Well, I did a food coloring test to find out. I was giddy over the results, and have photos and video proof of red water turning crystal clear!

Sport berkey water bottle adding food coloring

For my filtering experiment, I used some food dye we had on hand.

Sport Berkey with red water inside

I put a bunch of food coloring in the Sport Berkey water bottle.

Sport Berkey water bottle in action

Suck (or in this case, squeeze!) to filter the colored water.

Clean filtered water from the Sport Berkey water filter

The results? Completely clean drinking water!

Watch my video of this process:

That's just the visual test. The taste test comes when you can take smelly, chlorinated tap water and turn it into delicious, pure-tasting drinking water!

Tap water varies a lot, and here in the Seattle area our tap water tastes pretty good. In Ohio, the city tap water smelled and tasted awful, and wasn't always safe for drinking (not by my estimation, but by city officials). We were relieved and excited when we got our Berkey water filter and it actually worked on that horrible water! (We had been buying reverse osmosis water, and were accustomed to that.)

The Giveaway:

More Than Alive is giving away a Sport Berkey water filtering bottle to a reader here! If this product is of interest to you, this is your chance to get one for free! Log in and leave a comment on this post saying you would like to be entered. Giveaway is open today and tomorrow ONLY, Thursday and Friday, April 14-15, 2011.

The Discount:

More Than Alive sells quality bulk herbs, bulk foods, and more -- including our favorite household necessity, the Berkey Water Filter. If you've been waiting to order a Berkey water filter, this discount will give you $20+ off your order!

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your order from More Than Alive today and tomorrow ONLY, Thursday and Friday, April 14-15, 2011.

Code: TX2Q4

Full disclosure, as always: When we purchased our Berkey water filter from More Than Alive several years ago, we were so thrilled with it that I signed up as an affiliate with More Than Alive. Purchasing through my links helps support this website!

I don't review something unless we would spend our own hard-earned money on it, and such is the case with the things we have purchased from More Than Alive. I'm delighted to be able to offer giveaways and discount codes for More Than Alive! :)


I'd love to win a Berkey bottle. Please enter me.


Love the food coloring example! I know EXACTLY what you mean about gross Ohio tap water and would love one of these to fill up on a daily basis :)

I would love this!

Thanks for hosting this giveaway! That food coloring being taken out is amazing.

This bottle looks great! I would love to win one to try it out! THANKS!! :)

I would Love to win one!

I was really impressed with the food coloring dye and how well it filtered it out. This is something I certainly am thinking about purchasing for my family. Thank you for taking the time to show us how well it works.

The food coloring video is amazing! Would love to have one of these!

This would be really nice to have!!

Also I like to be entered in the giveaway too. Thanks.

We have a counter top Berkey and absolutely love it! I would like to be entered in the sports Berkey because bottled water just doesn't taste as good as Berkey water! Thanks

I would love to win a Berkey water bottle. That goes right along with my committment to give up soda and start drinking my daily allotment of water - which is tough at work becuase it's one of those nasty tasting water places.

I, too, have a Berkey filtration system and LOVE IT!!! I am interested in a Sport Berkey and would love it if you would enter me in the contest.
One question, how long does it take for the water to filter through in the Sport Berkey?


I am so excited about this giveaway!! Please enter me and thanks for the oppertunity!!!

I would LOVE to enter this and win :) thank you so much!!! td08 at live dot com

I'd love to win this! I have a hard time drinking tap water so this would be great to take to the in-laws.

This sounds like it would be wonderful to have for traveling! I'd love to win one! Thanks for the chance. :)

My husband had a heart attack 5 weeks ago. He's on a new diet and no caffine, so he is buying bottled water to take out with him. This would be so much healthier for him and cheaper. So hope we win it!

Please enter me in the giveaway for this water bottle. :)

Hi Tammy....

I would love to win this water bottle......the water in our city smells so strongly of Chlorine and tastes bad.

It would be nice to have filtering abilities on the go!



Would love to win this! Your food coloring experiment was awesome! Very impressive.

Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank You!

Oh, I'd LOVE to have chlorine-free water to drink! Your demonstration of the Berkey bottle is very effective!

This would be amazing! thank you! sddockre at yahoo dot com

I would looooove to be entered to win! We go camping a lot in the summer, in places without filtered or safe water and this would be perfect! Thanks for the review. :)

I would love to win this!!

I would love to win thanks Tammy!!!

I would love to win this. I carry a stainless steel or plastic refillable water bottle with me everywhere I go. It would be wonderful to know that the water I drink is filtered and safe to drink.

Please enter me! I drink a lot of water on the go and would love to have this.


Gosh...I would love to win this. What a great video and I'm amazed how well that filter worked on the food coloring.

Loved hearing your voice Yehoshua.


I'd love to win this. I definitely drink a lot of water and always take some with me whenever I leave the house.

We would love to have a berkey light for our home but can't afford that now. So the sport bottle would be a blessing.Thanks Tammy for the six strand bread braid Sabbath bread is as pretty as a picture.

I'd love to win. Arizona tap water is ugh at best. Thankfully we have a well for our home, so we avoid chlorination.

Please enter me in the drawing.

~ MrsKatie

I would love this, my husband has to travel for work (internationally) would be nice to have this to send with him. We're going to order a Berkey for our house, love the extra 10% off, I'll be adding essential oils to my order! I don't know how to change my commented submitted by anonymous so, I'll tell you WHO I am :) Priscilla Wallace (you have my email at sbcglobal dot net)

I'd love a chance to win this great water bottle!

I would LOVE to win the Berkey Sports bottle!

This bottle looks wonderful and I would love to have one. Please enter me in the giveaway!


I would LOVE to win this bottle! Thanks for offering it!

~~IN Messiah Yeshua,
Micah 6:8

I'd love to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

xoxo, HB

I am nursing baby #5 and I love to carry a water bottle with me at all times. I would love to have pure water for me and baby!

That is wonderful! I would love to win one! I saw a demonstration of this a few years ago and the guy put in dirt and fertalizer and it came out clean and pure drinking water!

That would be fun to see! I am not ready to do that to my Berkey water bottle though... I'll take your word for it! ;)

Please enter me into your contest to win a Sport Berkey. We love clean water especially when we are on the go!

I would love a chance at winning this water filter. Thanks..
bertschbunch at q dot com

I would love to win this! Such a great bottle!

Wow! This water bottle looks fantastic! My husband and son love backpacking and camping; this would be a great addition to their supplies. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Cathy B.

I would love to be entered to win one!!

Thanks for a great giveaway Tammy! This would be wonderful to win! It would be perfect to include in our emergency kit.

I'd love to win this! We do a lot of traveling since our families are out of state, and my kids really balk at drinking some of the tap water we encounter (actually, so do I). :-)

I would like to be entered to win this. Our water tastes and smells so bad some days that you don't even want to take a bath in it much less drink it.

I'd love to win one for my daughter who is at Capernwray and the water is dreadful tasting!

Thank you!

This is a smart way to take Berkey water on the go. Ever since buying our Berkey last year I always carry water with us and have become a water snob.

~This is the first give away I've ever entered. Yay!

I would love to try the Berkey system and check out the filters. A kitchen one has been on my wish list for a long time, so it would be nice to check out the filter first!

please enter me! thanks

I didn't see my entry, so I'm trying again. If it does show up twice you can just delete one. Thanks!

I'd love to be entered! We love our Berkey and as a mom I'd love to have an option for on the go filtering too!


I'd love to win one to put in with our earthquake supplies.

I would love to be entered for this! I've been needing a water bottle for when I'm out. I don't drink enough water!

This would be very cool for bike rides in the mountains!

These look so wonderful for travelling!

I'd LOVE to win this!! Wow the food coloring experiment was great!

Please enter me for this giveaway! Thanks!

Same here would love to have one!- s. moser (

Great giveaway! Please enter me. Thanks Tammy!

I would love to win the Berkey bottle.

I didn't sign in or leave my name with my last comment - ooops!

Great giveaway! Please enter me. Thanks Tammy!

mrshuntinak AT msn DOT com

Wow, I am impressed and amazed!!
I would love to win this bottle!

I would love to purchase one, but it looks like they are out of the one I want, or every kind and that is alot of money to spend when I am not sure when or if I will get it.
Someone else had them for sale without the free stuff....and a bit cheaper, but said they could get them in. I remember from dealing with More than Alive before they are honest, but what happens if it is months before your order comes in?

I see the Big Berkey size is backordered right now. When we ordered our Berkey 3 years ago, we had a 10% discount code to use and ordered the Big Berkey size. The Big Berkey and Royal Berkey were both backordered at the time, and we did pay More Than Alive when we ordered.

They didn't know how quickly they would get new stock, but thankfully some Royal Berkeys came in 1-2 weeks later and More Than Alive called me (or emailed? I can't remember!) and asked if we would like to upgrade our order to the Royal size and get one shipped right away.

With just a $25 difference ($22.50 after our discount code which they applied!) we decided the Royal would be a great size and we didn't want to wait. It came a few days later!

I don't know that it has ever taken them months (weeks, yes) to get Berkeys back in stock. You could call their toll-free number and ask them for more info on that! I know that even when you trust the company, it is difficult to pay for an item that isn't being shipped right away. I totally understand that feeling (like I said, it happened to us!) but I am glad we went ahead and ordered and got our 10% discount at that time. :)

If you were considering the Big Berkey, the Royal Berkey is in stock and would only be slightly more expensive. If you're a 1-person household, you may not want that size, but for us (3 small children at the time) it has been great and I'm glad we got the Royal Berkey! :)

I would love one of these!

I would love to win one!

Enter me, please!

Please enter me! Thanks!

Please enter me! Thanks!

Please enter me. I've wanted to try the Berkey products for awhile. This looks great!

It would be great to win one. Thanks!

A Berkey water filter is on our buy list! :-) We're also paying off our house, so we only buy things as we can make extra money. It's on my list after a grain mill. :-) Would love to win this bottle to go with it! :-)

This is pretty rad. I have a filtering water bottle (forget the brand) and love it, but it doesn't hold a whole lot of water. I'd love to be entered for this bottle. It'd be great for filling up at the fountains at university~!

I've been considering purchasing a few of these for our family for hiking, traveling, etc. It would be great to win one!

I would love to be entered into this giveaway. What a great way to try out the berkley system.

please enter me in the drawing!

I'd love to have this - I drink water day and night!


I hope I win!!; )

Thanks for the review. I would LOVE to win one. Please enter me into the drawing.

Enter me please. I would love to have one of these for taking water with me!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this! I feel like I never drink enough water because I'm always on the go and hate the idea of drinking from public fountains. Yuck! That video was amazing!

Please enter me in the contest. Thank you!

I currently have a countertop Berkey and absolutely love it! I would love to have one of the sports bottles to carry with me while traveling. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

Angela :)

,,how great these work, I would love to win one for my daughter who is a summer camp counseler at 5 different camps this year!

Sounds like a wonderful product! Please enter me in the giveaway.

Please enter me in the giveaway. I really enjoy your site. My family loves your whole wheat homemade bread recipe!

Please enter me in your giveaway --- this is a good one! I really enjoy your site. My family loves your whole wheat bread recipe and now that is the only bread we eat. Thanks!

That is so cool that it filtered the food coloring! And what a nice giveaway! Please entere me.

I am in need of a new travel water bottle and would love this one. Thanks for the chance.
Nicole L

i would love to be entered:)

My little one has issues with other peoples waters and I would love to win this.

That looks amazing!

Please enter me in the drawing

Please enter me in the drawing

I'm trying to post this once more, because it didn't seem to work...

anm @

I think the problem with posting was because I wasn't logged in. I apologize for the duplicate messages.

I would love to have one.

please enter me.

I'd love to win one of these! They would be perfect for traveling and staying in hotels during homeschool conference season when we travel some with my brother to help him run his booth!

Thanks for the giveaway!

I would LOVE to win this!

This would be really great to have here as it would definately get lots of use! Thanks for the giveaway!

About a year we've had a countertop Berkey. Our family really likes how our water tastes out of our Berkey. We all drink more water. 1 of my children said they no longer like water out of water fountains....I'm considering getting him the Sport Berkey, so he can keep working on his daily water in take when away from home.

My husband commented that bottled water, at work, doesn't taste the same...he prefers our Berkey water. This from a guy who use to make himself drink water. He also really liked soda & drank some every day. He has now gotten himself off his daily Dr Pepper. I'm considering getting him a Sport Berkey to have so, he can take it to would make a great father's day gift, if I can keep it a secret :)

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