Tea Review: St. Dalfour's Strawberry Tea

St. Dalfour's Strawberry Tea

This is a strawberry-flavored black tea by the brand St. Dalfour. I was first introduced to this brand several years ago, and they have since added many delightful flavors.

Their teas are all individually wrapped, which is a plus for me (and not just because I happen to collect the empty wrappers, but also because I like to store my teabags in a drawer, loose, rather than in boxes, for space-saving purposes).

Another big plus: these are organic teas! So with 25 bags in the box, and a reasonable price tag (I can't remember how much I paid last time I bought some, as it was several years ago, but I know it was under $5.) PLUS being organic, they really are a great tea. ;)

If you enjoy flavored black or green teas, you should look for St. Dalfour's Tea. Oooh, I just saw that they have Strawberry Rose Green Tea! Good thing the grocery stores around here don't carry this brand. ;)


I love this tea! I especially love mixing it with my green tea. :) Thanks for sending me some. I have some white & red tea that I'll have to send to you one of these days, I think it tastes great iced [which is how I have all my teas in the summer].


I guess I like to be creative :D Oh, I LOVE "red tea"! Joshua says it smells like olives! haha But I really like red tea and have drank a lot, since it's caffeine free. Although I am starting to allow a little more caffeine these days, since Eliyahu is older. And I drink a lot of my teas cold. Bad, I know... but I'm too lazy to use a cosy and I get distracted too easily (by children :D) so by the time I get my tea drank, it's been cold for hours! :D But I don't mind the taste, so oh well :).

I love their organic Green tea with ginger & honey!

But unfortunately I drank it all :) I got a box a few years ago when we were in WA visiting Joshua's family. The stores out there sell it. The mint green tea is good too! :)

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