Tea Review: Nordqvist Black teas (4 varieties)

Nordqvist Kenyan and Derjeeling teas  Nordqvist Ammas and Ceylon teas

My friend Pinja in Finland once again sent me samples of four Nordqvist teas to enjoy and review! The teas were enjoyed by Yehoshua and me during a chilly autumn day back in October. Here are our thoughts as we drank them!

Nordqvist Darjeeling Tea

Tammy says: "Wow! This is really flavorful! This is a nice aromatic medium-strength tea."

Yehoshua says: "Yummy!"

Nordqvist Ceylon Tea

Tammy says: "Mmmmm... this is a really smooth tea... easy to drink. Much better than the average Ceylon tea, that's for sure!!"

Yehoshua says: "Tea!"

Nordqvist Kenyan Tea

Tammy says: "This tastes just like I imagine 'a cup of hot tea' should. Very comforting!"

Yehoshua says: "I think this tastes like tea, too."

Nordqvist Assam Tea

Tammy says: "Yum! Pinja said this was her favorite, but I think it tastes almost just like the last one! She must have a better taste for tea than I do. Oh well, it's still yummy." Sip, sip!

Yehoshua says: Gulp. "More tea please, Mama?"

Tea chef: trying again... :)

I was very excited about entering the Tea Chef contest for the first time. My cranberry crumb cake turned out really yummy, too!! But, I didn't win.

I'm going to try again, of course. I mean, it's free tea and a great incentive to create a new recipe! Next month's tea is chestnut. Hmn. Should be interesting!! :)

Tea Chef

I am excited about this. Today in the mailbox I received a cute little tin of cranberry black tea and I'm planning to buy some cranberries at the grocery store tomorrow.

I did a little reading in my Cooking With Tea cookbook and already have the start of a (hopefully!) fabulous new recipe in my head. It will be a few days before I have it made, photographed, and eaten, but I will be sure to update when I've created something!

This could be fun!

Tea Review: Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer herb tea

Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer tea

Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer tea is a minty well-balanced herbal infusion. It tastes more like an herbal health supplement to me than a "tea", and indeed it does contain 20% of the U.S. "Recommended Daily Allowance" of vitamins B6 and B12.

Boasting eleuthero, ginger, chamomlie and other herbs, this caffeine-free blend is supposed to help relieve stress and promote relaxation.

I don't think I've noticed any significant sort of stress-relief from this tea, at least, not over other herbal teas, particularly mint teas. However, it tastes yummy and when I drink it, I imagine things like stress diffusing and tension melting away. Or something. 

I've been drinking it every day for a couple weeks now. Maybe my stress level is so low that I don't have any to relieve. At any rate, I like this tea. Don't drink it expecting some sort of miraculous mood-boost, and you won't be disappointed. :)

Tea Review: Lipton Green Tea with Mandarin Orange (pyramid teabags)

Lipton's Green Tea with Mandarin Orange (pyramid teabags)

A number of weeks ago, I was browsing the tea aisle in our local grocery store. Apparently I hadn't been there in a while, because there were a number of new teas! A tea-fanatic like myself usually gets very excited over a new kind of tea on the shelf. (If I had lots of money I would just buy tea online.) However, during this particular trip there were more like ten new kinds of teas, and since I couldn't afford to get one of each, I walked away with none. I'm like that.

But my husband loves me, and he gave me one to try: Lipton's Green Tea with Mandarin Orange... in pyramid teabags.

Teabags are stored loosely in the box...

Now, I have had pyramid teabags before. But only samples, never a whole entire box. And boy, am I enjoying them!

The bags are plastic, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I still put the used tea leaves in the compost (I empty out the plastic teabag), but I have to wonder which is better environmentally, paper or plastic? No staples, though, so I guess that's a Good Thing!

No individual wrappers, either, and my teabag-wrapper-collecting-self is somewhat divided over enjoying a tea so much... even when there aren't any wrappers to collect.

Lipton's Green Tea with Mandarin Orange (pyramid teabags)

There's real tea in these tea bags, and the water actually gets to it. It's really the next best thing to brewing loose leaves right in the bottom of your cup... without having to strain your tea or wipe wet leaves from your lips. If you've never used a pyramid tea bag before, you're in for a real treat.

Lipton's Green Tea with Mandarin Orange (pyramid teabags)

...and I don't just mean visually, either. This tea is delicious! The boxes contain 20 teabags (which is more than most other "special" ones like to give, unless you really pay a pot and a kettle) and are priced at just over $3. For those who are accustomed to those 1-cent orange pekoe teabags, this might seem outrageous... but you get what you pay for.

Lipton's Green Tea with Mandarin Orange (pyramid teabags)

I'm much better at drinking and reviewing teas than I am at photographing them, even pretty ones like this Green Tea with Mandarin Orange. If you want bright color and all-out advertising, visit Lipton's great flash-based website, all about their pyramid teas.

Too... much... to...do...

Why, why, why do I have to have about 50 different things I want to blog about?!

Why couldn't I just have, say, one thing on my mind at a time?

I feel like my mind is scattered between about 200 different little yellow folders on my desktop, all in one HUGE folder called "tammysrecipes"!

 I think I need some

 Tension Tamer Tea by Celestial Seasonings.

Good night! :)

Tea Review: Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Tea

Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Tea

I first came across this tea on a clearance rack. Apparently Kroger's thought that since it was January, no one would want to drink this "holiday" tea! I bought a box and then went back for more the next week. This flavored black tea remains one of my favorites!

A rich black tea with the aroma of a little cinnamon and vanilla, this Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Tea appeals to all varieties of tea-lovers!

Look for it in your grocery stores throughout the autumn and winter months! :)

Tea Review: Nordqvist Green Teas (4 varieties)

Nordqvist green teas

I was excited to receive four new (to me) flavors of Nordqvist tea from my friend Pinja! I could hardly wait to try them, and indeed, I didn't wait! I started some water, and soon Yehoshua and I were trying the first cup!

Nordqvist's Japan Sencha is an unflavored Japanese green tea. I was impressed with the fresh taste and light flavor of this tea. Definitely a good pick when you're in the mood for a cup of green tea!

Nordqvist's Lady Green was our next taste, and Yehoshua declared that it was "really good"! Lady Green is a green Sencha tea with cherry and vanilla flavorings. We found it to be a smooth-tasting green tea, with soft and warm cherry-vanilla undertones. The flavor was excellent, enhancing the flavor of the green tea without over-powering it. Perfect for a rainy autumn afternoon, just like the day we tried it!

Yehoshua had been misbehaving, and I said to him, "Yehoshua? Do you need to go to bed? Or do you just need some green tea?"

Yehoshua replied, "I just need some green tea, Mama!"

Nordqvist green teas

And so off to the kitchen we danced, where our warm mug of Nippon Green tea waited. Nordqvist's Nippon Green tea was a dark yellow brew, and had very subtle flavors of strawberry, lemon, and vanilla. As with the Lady Green, the flavors matched and enhanced the green tea perfectly, and if I hadn't read the back of the teabag, I would have been baffled as to exactly what that delicious taste was! I would describe Nippon Green as simply "a very good green tea"!!

Finally, the last tea bag to enjoy: China Green. This one was my personal favorite, a blend of green Sencha tea, elderberry, and quince flavorings. I wasn't expecting to like this one best, but was pleasantly surprised! Again, I would not have been able to identify the flavors, had they not been written on the bag, but more likely due to the fact that I'm not exactly sure what "quince" tastes like, and it's been years since I've had elderberries! The fruit flavors in China Green are fairly pronounced, but still not out of balance with the delicate flavor of Sencha green tea. Delicious!

Pinja lives in Finland, and wrote that she frequently buys these green teas to drink. Her favorite is the Nippon Green!


"Is it yummy?"


"It's so yummy!"

Tea Review: Davidson's Cranberry Orange Tea

Davidson's Cranberry Orange tea

A tea fanatic like myself can't help but like a company with so many tempting flavors of tea, such as "Vanilla Cream Spice", "Tangerine Almond", "Caramel Peach with Coconut", and "Raspberry Cream Caramel". Davidson's boasts many unique flavors of tea. You can even request a FREE catalog through their website!

Davidson's recently became certified as organic, and ALL of their teas are now organic. They are also one of the few tea companies from which I have ordered tea directly (since none of the stores around here carry Davidson's). Their service was excellent! Their shipping was a flat rate of $4.95, and I ordered with my cousin so we could split the shipping cost. If you order over $100 of products, you get free shipping. (But only a tea-crazy person like me would ever dream of doing that!) ;)

And, for collectors, Davidson's conveniently and beautifully wraps their teabags individually. ;)

Now, about this Cranberry Orange tea. It is a caffeine-free herbal tea, and very delicious. It has a smooth flavor, and not tart or strong in the same way most other fruit teas are. The flavors are permeating but not overpowering. A delicate and soft lunchtime tea.

The one complaint I might have about Davidson's is that in their catalog or on their website, they aren't very specific at times about whether a tea is an herbal infusion or a true flavored tea. They call everything "tea" and I recall receiving a couple flavors which, on the envelopes said "caffeine-free" and clearly tasted like herbal infusions, but I had thought would be flavored black teas.

If you are looking for an affordable, quality source for organic teas, and especially enjoy caffeine-free flavors, Davidson's is the company for you!

Tea Review: Twinings Organic Tea

Twinings Organic Tea

Twinings Organic Tea, which is a blend of Ceylon and African teas, has become my most recent favorite tea! This aromatic black tea makes a wonderful morning brew... or afternoon (or evening!) brew, too! Its smooth flavor is delicious without being over-powering. I don't profess to be a tea-tasting expert, but this tea is different from ordinary black teas, in a really good way! If you like black tea, or if you like high-quality organic beverages, you will love Twinings Organic Tea!

I made two cups of tea from each of these tea bags, and enjoyed every drop! Well, I did share a little with Yehoshua. ;)

Yehoshua drinks Twinings Organic Tea

We drank some outside on a cooler day early last week. What a great way to warm one's hands! I sat on the steps and watched Yehoshua ride his tricycle (he can pedal himself now!) while I drank two delicious hot mugs of tea. Tea is good. Life is better. My babies are the best, and YHWH gives such blessings: praise Him!!


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