Tea Review: Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Infusion

 Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Infusion

My friend Olivia sent me a bag of this tea recently, and, though I've tasted it before, it reminded me of how yummy it really is, and I knew I had to write a review of it! :)

This tea is wonderfully aromatic and full of a brisk and tangy orange flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed it, right down to the last drop! :D

My one hesitation with this tea brand (because their teas do taste great!) is that they seem a little "new age". They call themselves "The Reincarnation of Tea". Their teabag wrappers say (or have said; I believe they might have changed the wording on the backs) things like (when requesting a catalog) "Allow two weeks of this lifetime for a response" and (under the list of ingredients) "...and the mumbled chantings of a certified tea shaman". Whether or not I believe these things hold any sort of meaning or power, I have wondered many times if perhaps I should steer clear of this brand for that reason. Still thinking on it.

An interesting tidbit I found out recently was that Tazo, originally an Oregon company, was bought out by Starbucks. I learn so much by doing these tea posts! :D Thanks for reading! :D

Tea Review: Twinings Four Red Fruits Flavored Black Tea

Twinings Four Red Fruits tea

Four words can describe this "Four Red Fruits" tea: This tea is  amazing. It's a flavored black tea, with that smooth tea taste and a lovely fruity aroma. Cherry seems to be the strongest of the flavors, with hints of strawberries, raspberries, and redcurrants. The smell is nice, but the taste... WONDERFUL. Not only do you get a full-bodied fruit tea flavor, but this tea leaves a fruit-juice after-taste in your mouth! Joshua tried this tea, and he loved it. (He is more particular about which teas he likes than I am.) It's one of Twinings' best teas, in my opinion.

As a side note, there are some fun and interactive things on their UK website!

Tea Review: Celestial Seasonings Imperial White Peach White Tea

Celestial Seasonings Imperial White Peach White Tea 

 I enjoyed every sip of this box of tea. While I wouldn't exactly classify it as a favorite, it was still very good.

In my experience*, white teas have a distinct taste that tends to overpower any flavor that has been added to the tea. This tea does have a good peach flavor, but nothing I would consider "extra special" compared to a regular peach tea. According to the label on the box, this tea has more caffeine than most, but still considerably less caffeine than coffee.

I have a number of other teas from Celestial Seasonings which are favorites. Personally I was just a little disappointed when I tried this tea. Maybe I was expecting something different. It tastes like white tea with peach. I'm not sure what I was expecting. Regardless, the box only survived a few months in my tea drawer, which is longer than most but still not too long. ;) 

Read more about Celestial Seasonings teas on their website, and stay tuned for more reviews of their teas here!

*I say "in my experience", because water temperatures and brewing times can greatly affect the taste of tea. Perhaps there is a better way to brew it, of which I am presently unaware.

Tea Review: Choice Organic Green Tea with Essence of Peach


Choice Organic Green Tea with Essence of Peach


I have had a couple of flavors of tea from this brand, Choice. This green tea, like their other flavors, is very high quality. I did think it had a rather strong and bitter "green tea flavor", even though I brewed it as I normally would (and my green tea brews are usually delicious!). The peach essence was present, but not overly aromatic, like some other green teas with peach I have tasted.

Maybe it's the lack of artificial flavors, I just wouldn't classify this as a favorite. Good, especially if you love green tea, but not wonderful.

Here is an interesting article from the Seattle Times about the Choice Tea company.

Did you know that teas, unless they are organically grown, are laden with pesticides? (The same goes for coffee.) Good reason to support organic tea companies, especially the ones who sell their products at very reasonable prices! :)

Tea Review: Yogi Tea DeCaffe Roast and Vanilla Hazelnut

Yogi Tea: DeCaffe Roast and Vanilla Hazelnut

My friend Candy sent me samples of these two kinds of "tea". Actually, neither contain tea, and as such are caffeine-free. I have had various Yogi Teas before, and enjoy the quality taste and different flavors. In my experience, Yogi Teas are quite strong and usually spicy, and these are no different. If you like chai, you will like these teas!

The first, DeCaffe Roast, is a coffee substitute. Because I never drink coffee, I am not qualified to tell whether it tastes much like coffee. To me, it smells a little like coffee (yum!). It's rather peppery, and leaves some spice in your mouth :). Yehoshua smelled this tea and said "Nana!" I'm not sure if that was due to the smell (she likes coffee) or the fact that it was in "her" cup. :) Anyway, it's a good, flavorful tea, and I quite enjoyed my cup of it. 

The second tea I tried was called Vanilla Hazelnut. This, too, was a spicy dark brew, and slightly sweet-tasting (particularly when tasted after the DeCaffe Roast tea). I must admit to not tasting much vanilla flavor in this tea; it was delicious nonetheless.

Either of these teas are a great way to start or end a day, caffeine-free, smooth, and dark. Yum! I can't wait to have that second bag of Vanilla Hazelnut Candy sent :)

Tea Review: St. Dalfour's Strawberry Tea

St. Dalfour's Strawberry Tea

This is a strawberry-flavored black tea by the brand St. Dalfour. I was first introduced to this brand several years ago, and they have since added many delightful flavors.

Their teas are all individually wrapped, which is a plus for me (and not just because I happen to collect the empty wrappers, but also because I like to store my teabags in a drawer, loose, rather than in boxes, for space-saving purposes).

Another big plus: these are organic teas! So with 25 bags in the box, and a reasonable price tag (I can't remember how much I paid last time I bought some, as it was several years ago, but I know it was under $5.) PLUS being organic, they really are a great tea. ;)

If you enjoy flavored black or green teas, you should look for St. Dalfour's Tea. Oooh, I just saw that they have Strawberry Rose Green Tea! Good thing the grocery stores around here don't carry this brand. ;)

Eastern Shore Tea Company: Della Robbia Tea

As I was making my morning tea today, I was thinking about my new "tea" page here, and realised that the one tea review currently up isn't even tea, it's an herbal infusion! For a tea-lover like myself, this is almost sacrilege! So, I decided to review a wonderful tea blend by the Eastern Shore Tea Company: their Della Robbia.

Della Robbia teabag

My friend Nicole sent me this tea (she lives near Baltimore herself!) and I love it! It's black and fruity, with hazelnut tones. I don't think I've ever tasted a blend quite like this. Definitely a real treat!

I relaxed this afternoon with a cup of tea...

A friend of mine sent me a box of tea, and as I was preparing myself a cup today, I thought I would share a photo. It is truly the most beautiful tea I have ever owned!

Almost too beautiful to drink, these teabags are full of large leaves and chamomile buds.

For high-quality tea with beauty, I recommend Revolution Tea!

P.S. If you drop in sometime, I'll make you a cup :D


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