Weekly menu plan (December 5-11, 2011)

We've been trying to go grocery shopping every two weeks, but I've been running out of things! (So, our "every 2 weeks" had been turning into "every 10-12 days".) We promised ourselves that this time we'd make do without whatever we're running out of until a full 14 days has passed.

So last weekend, I bought TWO packages of eggs at Costco because 1 package (5 dozen) has been disappearing long before 2 weeks had passed. Almost on cue, I just started using from that second package today. I'm sure my egg nog cravings have nothing to do with that... ;) I have 2 1/2 gallons of milk left, which I'll try to stretch through the week (I bought 6 gallons last week). And when we do go to Costco next weekend, I'll take pictures and share prices. (I've been meaning to get back to posting my grocery shopping trips!)

Here's our menu for the week ahead:


Creamy Macaroni and Cheese, cooked peas and carrots, leftover gourmet bean soup


Teriyaki salmon fillets (recipe coming on Wednesday!), rice, cooked green beans (or whatever I can find in the freezer)


My mom's beef vegetable soup, cornmeal crescent rolls (I need better pictures of both of those because they're SO good!!) :)


Salmon potato casserole (using leftover salmon), cooked peas and carrots


Burrito pizza (with a biscuit crust from this recipe), cooked veggies


Depends on our plans for that day, but probably something in the slow cooker and leftover (frozen) cornmeal crescent rolls. If we have company, I'll figure out some sides to add to that. :)


Grilled pollock (or something with pollock; we have lots to use from our freezer!), beans and rice, steamed broccoli

Baking I want to do this week:

Perfect granola bars
Make-ahead butterhorns -- I've had this recipe 10+ years and finally pulled it out for this week! :)
Homemade soft pretzels -- I have tried 4 different recipes for soft pretzels and am still looking for the perfect result! I found another one that looks promising... :)

Oatmeal for breakfast


Regular old oatmeal (x3)
Fruit smoothies (including blackberries from our freezer and homemade kefir) (x2)
Cheese and turkey sausage omelets (x2)


Beans with hot sauce and cheese (I will send this in Joshua's lunches too) or leftovers, bananas

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Weekly menu plan (November 28 - December 4, 2011)

Here's my menu for the week ahead!


Chicken a la King (using leftover turkey), steamed broccoli, maple rosemary bean salad (leftover from Saturday)


Smoky Salmon Chowder (leftover from Sunday -- Joshua made this and it's delicious!), green beans, mixed fruit


Mexican Black Bean Burgers, seasoned baked potato wedges, cooked peas and carrots


Turkey Sausage Kale Soup, homemade kefir biscuits, cooked carrots


Biscuit Crust Pizza, green beans


Cooked pinto beans (in slow cooker), served with cheese, sour cream, and hot sauce


Not sure yet, but I'd like to try a new recipe for something! :) I printed most of my bookmarked recipes last week, so I have lots to choose from... on a day when I'm feeling more motivated. (Right now I'm tired!)

Breakfast pizza
This was the breakfast pizza from last week's menu; it was okay, but not amazing.
I'll probably play with the recipe a bit... :)

This week's breakfasts:

Oatmeal and scrambled eggs (x2)
Cold cereal (x2)
Fruit smoothies (homemade kefir, bananas, and frozen fruit) (x3)

This week's lunches:

Leftovers or peanut butter and honey sandwiches (I'll pack leftovers or cooked pinto beans in Joshua's lunches)

Homemade cards

On Saturday, we had some friends over for dinner and then I had a little card-making party in the kitchen with the girls. I love making (and sending!) homemade cards. It's so relaxing. :)

I've also taken the approach of trying to make several similar cards at the same time, since it takes me a while to figure out a good design. I wrote more about that here, along with a quick tutorial of one of my simplest thank-you card designs. Winter is the perfect time for me to enjoy this indoor hobby, and with a new baby due next Spring, I'm hoping to replenish my stack of homemade cards before then. :)

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Weekly menu plan (November 21-27, 2011)

Like last week, this week's menu plan is mostly soft foods. Joshua got his braces on Thursday, and he says his mouth doesn't really hurt, but it's very hard to chew (back molars not coming all the way together).

I'm actually having fun getting to make some of the less-healthy meals that I haven't made for a while. ;) Cheese, eggs, pasta, butter, or cream are all things we've been really limiting for the past 10 months or so. That took out most of my favorite casseroles!

This week's breakfasts:

Easy Baked Apple Oatmeal with whipped cream (x2)
Regular oatmeal (x2)
Fruit smoothies (homemade kefir, bananas, and frozen fruit) (x3)

Cooked pinto beans
Cooked pinto beans, with my favorite toppings

This week's lunches:

Slow-cooked pinto beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, and hot sauce (I will pack this in Joshua's lunches too); applesauce; bananas

This week's dinners:


Veggie Bean Soup with Spinach (leftover from last week), Broccoli Rice Casserole (recipe coming!), apple crisp (new recipe I'm trying!)


Enchiladas w/ground beef (still deciding on a new recipe to try; want to recommend one?)


Macaroni and Cheese Pizza (recipe coming!), green bean casserole


A potluck that still needs to be completely planned (my fault!); green bean casserole and cranberry sauce are the two I know I'll be making so far...


Biscuit-Crusted Breakfast Pizza (recipe coming!), cooked peas and carrots


Not yet planned, aside from homemade bread; we're having company for dinner and the meal needs to be dairy-free. :)


Smoky Salmon Chowder, cooked peas and carrots

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Weekly menu plan + Eating with braces

It's been 9 months since I last posted a menu plan here. Too long! :) Here's my menu plan for the week ahead.

Breakfasts: Fruit smoothies (using milk and frozen fruit, including our blackberries!) and oatmeal.

Lunches: Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, bananas

(Weekend lunches: Leftovers)



Slow-cooked Herbed Beef and Gravy, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and carrots


Lemon-Dill Baked Cod, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and carrots


My mom's chili, cornbread, and green beans


Veggie Bean Soup with Spinach, leftover cornbread


Whole wheat blender pancakes, scrambled eggs, steamed broccoli


Beans and rice, steamed broccoli


Grilled salmon, cooked rice, green beans

This was a difficult menu to plan because everything needed to be fairly soft and easy-to-chew.

We've been eating a lot of soups and soft foods the past two weeks. Joshua had his wisdom teeth plus two other teeth out, and this Thursday he's getting braces! This is one of the things I mentioned at the beginning of the year -- something we've been trying to save for and hoping to do for quite a while. I'm so excited that it's finally happening!

I am not, however, looking forward to the eating restrictions he'll have while things are being fixed. (He won't be able to close his mouth all the way, with a bite plate.) The kids got pretty tired of soup after the first week. (Me? I may have lost a pound, and I think Joshua lost about 5!)

I'd love to hear any tips for what to eat when you can't chew very well / have braces! Soups in the blender worked pretty well, but between those and smoothies, it was just too much dairy (Joshua is lactose intolerant)... and by this point (week 3 of liquids and/or soft foods) we're all craving something besides potato soup, broccoli cheese soup, and gourmet bean soup! ;)

Grocery Shopping, Week 12 (Costco, QFC)

Groceries from QFC this week

All right, I have another grocery shopping trip to post... and then I think I am caught up! :) Joshua went to Costco and I went to QFC. He got a few things not on my list, and I got some expensive stuff just for fun. Hmmm. :)

My trip to QFC:

Dried black-eye peas (2 bags)         $3.78
Garbanzo beans                             $2.19
Dried split peas (2 bags)                  $2.18
Nancy's yogurt (4 lb.)                       $5.49
Dried navy beans                             $3.59
Dried great northern beans                $3.29
Organic Fuji apples ($1.25/lb)             $6.30
Bananas ($0.69/lb)                          $4.20

Total spent at QFC: $31.02

Notes: If I buy these dried beans again, I will look for a source to get them cheaper, in bulk! Since QFC is literally right around the corner, I allowed myself to spend a few extra dollars there and avoid driving to the next town over. :)

Groceries from Costco this week

Joshua's trip to Costco:

* = used coupon

Organic raisins (4#)                    7.79
Mixed nuts (2.5#)                      13.69
Organic sugar                             8.89
Heavy cream (1/2 gal)                 7.69
Organic tortilla chips (2.5#)           4.59
Best Foods Mayo (2 qt.)               5.42*
Nestle choc. chips (4.5#)               6.99*
Sour cream (3#)                          3.69
Folic acid supplement                   7.79*
Organic canned tomatoes (8ct.)    5.19*
Frozen blueberries (6#??)             11.49
Bananas (3 bunches)                   4.41
Turkey sausage                          8.59
Whole milk (8 gallons)                18.00
All-purpose flour (25#)                  7.43
Toilet paper :)                            17.99
White vinegar (2 gal)                   3.40
Liquid Plumbr (2x80oz.)              7.29*
Xerox paper                              6.37
Uncured turkey bacon (3#)          9.99
Romaine lettuce (2x6ct.)             5.98
Beef hot dogs                            10.99
Huge hot dog buns (18ct.)            2.99
Mission burrito-size tortillas           4.99
Large eggs (5 doz.)                     7.45
Red potatoes (10#)                     5.49
Yellow onions (10#)                    3.49

Total spent at Costco: $217.25 (includes $4.35 tax)

More Costco groceries

Notes: We usually buy the regular Mission chips (not organic) which are 3 lbs for $3.35, but I recently noticed that the organic chips have a LOT less saturated fat, so we decided to buy those. The bag should last us about a month, and this is usually the only kind of chips we buy! :) They're very good. :)

Joshua wanted to try the turkey sausage! He loves having meat with his weekend breakfasts. :) The turkey bacon is uncured (no added nitrates) and I love it! I freeze half the package to help stretch it out. :)

For those wondering when toilet paper would show up, take note! ;) The Liquid Plumbr was for our bathroom drain... it had almost stopped running, so I cleaned it out and used the Liquid Plumbr and now it's perfect. Yay! :)

The Xerox paper? Umm, all the ebooks I've printed lately... ;) (The Everything Beans Book, Sourdough A to Z, and Fundamentals!)

The hot dogs and buns were because Joshua considered getting the kids hot dogs from Costco's Food Court (yep, he takes the kids with him when he goes to the store for me!!!) but then he decided it would be cheaper to buy hot dogs and buns since we don't care about the free drinks anyway. :)

Total remaining for April's food budget of $420.00: $248.27

I think I will most likely go to Costco one more time in April, because I want to get some freshly-roasted coffee for my dad (to take when we go to visit the end of April!). I'll also probably run out of milk before then. But I'm planning to do a lot better this month than last month about staying under budget! :)

Grocery Shopping, Week 11 (several weeks rolled into one, actually)

My last grocery post was over 3 weeks ago. Eeks! I have pictures from some of our shopping trips since then, and all my receipts are here, so you'll get prices and items. :)

I am definitely over my $420 budget for this month though! :( It is mostly Joshua's fault because last week I asked him to go to QFC for about $10 worth of stuff, and he came home with $45 of groceries!! Hmmm, guess he was getting tired of beans. ;) Just kidding. :) I'm not too upset, and really, it's not worth being upset because:

#1. He got (mostly) healthy stuff. If we're buying fresh fruits and veggies and stuff like that, and I'm not letting anything go to waste, I call it good.

#2. We don't have debt and spending more than $420 in one month isn't going to put us in debt.

#3. I spent a lot, and I do mean a LOT!!! at Costco last week. So much for being over my addiction... heehee :)

So, here is the last grocery post I did, which detailed that we had $283.33 left for the month of March. I was planning to spend about $200 in a Costco trip, and about $20/week on fresh bananas or produce at a nearby QFC.

QFC, trip #1

Our first trip to QFC:

Jazz apples ($1/lb)                        $7.25
Frozen juice concentrate ($1 ea.)     $10
Bananas ($0.69/lb)                       $5.60
Kashi cereal ($1 coupon)                $1.69
Green onions                                $1.29
Fresh strawberries (4lbs.)                $5.99
Club soda (not pictured, $0.89/ea.)  $3.56

Total spent: $35.38

Notes: The juice concentrate is in our freezer for when we have dinner guests. It's Joshua's thing to make homemade sparkling grape juice, which I admit... I really, really like. :)

Our second QFC trip:

Bananas ($0.69/lb)                                      $5.33
Asparagus ($1.99/lb)                                   $2.17
QFC bread (2 loaves)                                   $3.58
Whole chicken ($0.79/lb, limit 3)                   $11.45 (for 3)
Kroger frozen chicken breast (4.5 lb. bags)     $12.72 (for 2 bags)

Total spent: $35.25

Notes: The asparagus showed up at dinner time here, with salmon and potatoes. :)The whole chickens are for oven-roasted chicken.

Our third trip to QFC:

Donuts (yes, really :P)          $1.50
Bananas ($0.69/lb)              $3.98
QFC bread (2 loaves)           $3.58
Broccoli ($1.28/lb)                $3.08
Cauliflower ($1.28/lb)           $5.21
Gala apples ($0.99/lb)          $3.18
Red onion                            $0.97
Tomato (I know, I know)        $2.35
Cheddar cheese (2lb. block)    $5.49
Frank's Hot Sauce                   $1.99
Chicken drumsticks ($1.59/lb)   $13.98

Total spent: $45.31

Notes: I wasn't going to get broccoli or cauliflower (I usually wait for $0.99/lb) but Joshua said he got it because it was on sale and he loves my roasted broccoli and cauliflower (I've been doing it in the oven)! :)

The block of cheese was so we could make slices (I only had shredded on hand), and the cheese, red onion, and tomato will show up next week in the veggie burger recipe photos! :)

Joshua got the chicken drumsticks and hot sauce to make baked spicy drumsticks when he has some friends over this weekend. He said he wanted something yummy and easy, so I wouldn't have to cook for them. I think he's going to make some potato wedges that night, too... :)

And lastly... our trip to Costco. We went to the Costco Business Center, which is like a restaurant supply store and a little bit of regular Costco put together. I hadn't been there for quite a while (probably almost 2 years!) due to their more limited hours, but there were some things I wanted to get that our regular Costco doesn't carry.

I got a few kitchen items that I didn't count towards my grocery amount. Another kitchen scissors, an oven thermometer (I decided I really should know exactly what temperature my oven is, since I am, you know, publishing recipes and stuff), masking tape, envelopes, and special weird light bulbs for the kitchen. It had been years since I bought masking tape or envelopes (I think we're finishing up the ones I had when we got married 9 years ago!) but I do use those things and figured I should just get them at Costco. (500 envelopes was $5.79, for business sized long envelopes. The special weird light bulbs were $14.49 for 12. The oven thermometer was $2.09!)

Okay, so here are the groceries from Costco (not all pictured, most likely):

Whole milk (6 gallons)                  $13.06
Fat free milk (2 gallons)                 $3.90
Black beans (25#, dry)                   $17.99
Lentils (25#, dry)                           $17.79
Red potatoes (10#                         $4.99
Applesauce (#10 cans)                   $10.95 (3 cans)
Molasses (1 gallon)                       $9.49
Apple muffins                                $3.65
Parmesan bagels                            $2.79
Whole cloves                                  $8.39
Lemon pepper seasoning                 $6.69
Granulated onion                            $4.35
Sesame seeds (18oz.)                    $7.78 (I got 2)
Tapatio hot sauce (10oz.)                $4.95 (5 bottles)
Masa flour (4#)                              $3.19
Brown sugar (4#)                             $3.09
Cottage cheese (5#)                       $6.89
Plain yogurt (5#)                            $3.99
Almonds (3#)                                $19.58
Broccoli florets (3#)                         $3.99
Whipping cream - 40% (1/2 gallon)   $7.69
Half & Half (1/2 gallon)                     $2.99
Romaine lettuce                              $2.99
Frozen peach slices                         $8.69
Frozen blueberries                          $11.49
Powdered sugar (4#)                        $3.09
Mixed nuts (2.5#)                           $13.69
Butter (4#)                                      $18.98 (I got 2)
Organic baby spinach (1#)                $3.99
Fresh cilantro (6 bunches)                 $2.99

Total spent: $238.72

Notes: The muffins and bagels were for Joshua to take to work for a breakfast potluck. I probably should have made something homemade, but hey, I can't do everything! :)

Some of the items are for homemade ice cream recipes. I should have skipped the cloves, lemon pepper (we're not running that low on either), and the peach slices (they're hard and not even sweet... maybe I'll return them because I really expected better quality!).

Anyway, so that put me $71.33 OVER the budget for March! :| I would say I should subtract that from April's amount, but I don't know... I will probably at least TRY to do a couple weeks in April where we eat mostly things we already have in the freezer, because I am pretty stocked up on chicken and frozen veggies. :)

I guess the good news is that the kids and I will be spending a good deal of May in Ohio at my parents' house, so their food budget will double and my May budget will be great! ;)

How do you manage your food budget? Do you have to keep a strict budget? Or do you anyway, just because you want to?

Grocery Shopping, Week 10 (Costco, QFC)

Groceries from QFC this week

Okay, here is the past 2 weeks of grocery shopping trips! This finishes out February's grocery budget and starts March's.

I had to run a couple errands Monday evening, and I stopped at QFC on my way home and picked up these items:

Cocoa powder ($3.59/each)                $10.77
Frozen turkey breast ($0.99/lb)           $6.55
Bananas ($0.69/lb)                           $3.65
Seedless grapes ($0.99/lb)                $1.94
Green bell peppers ($1/each)             $2.00
Organic Braeburn apples ($0.99/lb)     $12.66
Creamer (free with coupon)                ------
Plain yogurt (4 pounds)                      $5.09

I also had a $3 off catalina (register-printed coupon) for QFC which I used.

Total: $39.66


We use a bit of cocoa powder because Joshua drinks a homemade mocha frappuccino daily.

The plain yogurt is for some frozen yogurt recipes we're working on. Normally we just use our homemade kefir. We are working on kefir ice cream recipes too, though! ;)

Joshua's QFC trip

Last week, Joshua went to QFC for me. I sent a list, and here is what he came home with:

Large eggs ($0.99/dozen)                 $1.98 (limit 2)
Low fat cream cheese ($1.29/8oz.)     $2.58
Whole chicken ($0.77/lb)                   $11.86 (limit 3)
Bananas ($0.69/lb)                          $4.64
Broccoli ($0.99/lb)                            $3.13
Fuji apples ($1.29/lb)                        $4.54
Juice concentrate ($1 each)                $3.00
Turkey sausage patties ($0.69/each)  $6.90

Total: $38.63


The low fat cream cheese is for making apple dip, and the juice concentrate is to make sparkling grape juice when we have dinner guests! :)


And lastly, our Costco trip. I'm so excited to say that after a couple of years of going to Costco on a weekly basis, so far this year we have been able to just go twice a month (having a house-sized fridge instead of our apartment-sized fridge helps a lot, too).

And, I have plans to reduce those trips even more. Joshua's parents generously gave us a chest freezer, which we just got set up this week! It's 7.1 cubic feet, which I think will be a great size to hold food while not being overwhelmingly big.

Because of the new freezer, we decided to take some extra money (not from my grocery budget which is $420/month) and buy some things ahead. From Costco, we bought:

Frozen veggies in 5# bags (6 bags)
Shredded mozzarella cheese in 5# bags (2)
Frozen strawberries (6 pounds)
Frozen chicken breast (10 pounds)

This is going to allow me to have more variety (instead of just having 1-2 different veggies because the bags are so big, I can easily have green beans, peas, and corn on hand all at once!).

Also, I am freezing some milk, butter, tortillas, cream cheese, and mozzarella cheese so that we can (hopefully) just go to Costco once a month. We'll see if I can make it! ;)

And the real motivation for getting a chest freezer is to be able to stock up on frozen fish when we're able to get it super-affordably every 6 months or so (from Joshua's employer). That's the exciting part!! :)

The other groceries we got at Costco (in addition to the things listed above) came out of my regular grocery budget and were:

Shredded mozzarella cheese (5#)            9.99
Multi-grain bread (2 loaves)                    3.99
10" Mission tortillas (40 ct.)                    4.99
Maple syrup (1qt.)                                12.55
Butter (4#)                                          9.19
Organic peas (5#)                                5.29
Organic corn (5#)                                 4.99
Frozen strawberries (6#)                       8.89
Organic green beans (5#)                    5.45
Frozen blueberries (6#)                        11.49
Whole milk (8 gallons)                        17.52
Non-fat milk (2 gallons)                        3.91
Rolled oats (10#)                                6.89
Frozen chicken breast (10#)                20.99
Sour cream (3#)                                 3.59
Heavy cream (1/2 gal.)                       7.69
Aluminum-free baking powder (5#)      8.99
Instant coffee (1#)                             8.29
Granulated garlic                                4.49
KS cappuccino mixes (30ct.)                7.99
Bananas (6#)                                    2.94
Beef stew meat                                 17.68
Large eggs (5 doz.)                          6.80
Red potatoes (10#)                          5.49

Total from Costco: $190.69

Notes: Joshua's doing an experiment with the cappuccino mixes. :D

So, here is where my food budget currently stands:

February's $420 = used

March's $420 = $283.33 remaining

My shopping plan for March:

Go to Costco 1 time, in the middle of the month ($200)

Spend $21 weekly on fresh fruit or vegetables

I know I always say this, but... our fridge and freezerS are pretty stocked so I'm thinking I'll do just fine for the rest of March (yes, I know it's only March 2nd today...). ;)

Cooking a big crock pot of beans weekly, not going out to eat, and cooking from scratch (or just simply eating whole foods like vegetables, fruit, meat, or cooked grains!) really helps stretch my grocery dollars!

Grocery Shopping, Week 9 (Costco, QFC)

Eliyahu (5) with some apples we bought

I have bought lots of groceries in the past week! We made a trip to Costco (and spent a lot) and also got fruit and asparagus at QFC. I actually haven't totalled everything up -- yet -- so we'll see how much this knocks off of my remaining $346.82 (out of $420) for the month of February.

And last week, our propane tank for the grill went empty. I'm conflicted as to whether to count the tank refill as grocery money or not. I'm tempted to not include it, since I don't include things like electricity to use the oven, or water to wash the dishes. I mean, propane is more in the "utilities" category than the "food" category, right? :)

So, here's what I spent:

Local store:

Apples ($0.88/lb) -- pictured above
Propane tank exchange ($19.99) -- plus 9.5% tax

Total: $26.27

Groceries from QFC this week

Groceries from QFC:

Asparagus ($1.48/lb)            $4.88
Bananas ($0.69/lb)              $4.77
Donuts (yes, Joshua again!)  $1.00

Total: $10.65

Groceries from Costco this week

And then, the groceries from Costco.

Mission tortilla strips                     $3.39
Dry yeast (2#)                             $3.89
Mixed nuts (2.5#)                        $13.69
Organic sugar (10#)                     $8.89
Shredded mozzarella (5#)             $9.55
Shredded cheddar/jack (5#)          $10.99
Corn tortillas (100ct.)                   $3.65
Wheat bread (2 loaves)                $3.89
Romaine lettuce (6ct.)                  $2.99
Hidden Valley Ranch (2-40oz.)        $6.79*
Pink Lady apples (12ct.)               $5.99
Whole milk (6 gal.)                      $13.14
Nonfat milk (2 gal.)                      $3.95
Microwave popcorn (2-40ct.)           $11.78*
Old-Fashioned Oats (10#)             $6.89
Prego sauce (4-67oz.)                  $9.04*
Large eggs (5 doz.)                     $7.39
Chicken breast (6.5#)                  $15.25
Vanilla extract (16oz.)                 $6.79
Butter (4#)                                $9.19
Cottage cheese (3#)                   $4.79
Finish dishwasher tabs (100ct.)    $11.74*
Heavy cream (1/2 gal.)               $7.69
Bananas (3#)                            $1.47
Cream cheese (3#)                    $5.79
Avocados (5ct.)                         $5.99
Celery sticks                             $2.99

*= cheaper than regular price due to using a coupon

Total from Costco: $197.59

Total spent: $234.51

Total remaining in February's food budget: $112.31 (from $420)

So, the remaining $112.31 will need to cover the next... 11+ days at least. That seems very doable to me, since the Costco trip was just a few days ago and our fridge, freezer, and pantry are still very stocked. :)

More Costco groceries

Now, notes on the things from Costco:

The vanilla extract is because we ran out of our homemade vanilla extract and need to wait while we make more. We already had beans to make more, and just need to get the alcohol to do so. I'm excited to try this though, since I've heard great things about Costco's vanilla! :)

The dishwasher tablets were most likely not a good deal (as in, cheaper than the KS liquid I usually use). I plan to measure my liquid when I use it and find out for sure though!

And the popcorn? Okay, I admit... I was unable to resist getting some at that price. Joshua will take some to work with him to eat there. The rest... we'll get to enjoy at home. :)

Despite some of the unhealthier items, I feel a lot better about this grocery shopping post than the last one! :)

Is Costco Frugal? (Includes lists of some of my favorite buys at Costco, and pitfalls to watch out for!)

More Costco groceries

More Costco groceries

Weekly Menu Plan (February 6-13, 2011)

Homemade Belgian Waffles recipe
Belgian waffles, which I made on Sunday (and took new pictures to replace the outdated ones with this recipe!)

Here is this week's menu plan! :)


Breakfast -- Belgian waffles (not a very balanced breakfast!)
Lunch -- Grilled chicken breast, cooked carrots, roasted broccoli (made in oven), rice
Dinner -- Bean & rice burritos, apples


Chicken Garlic Pizza (recipe coming!), roasted broccoli, green salad


Saucy Broccoli Chicken Bake, cooked carrots


Brunch (friends coming over) -- Low-fat whole grain waffles, eggs, & bananas
Dinner -- Beef in crock pot, mashed potatoes, salad, green beans


Chicken rice burritos, salad, oven-roasted root veggies

Friday (friends coming over)

Homemade pizza, challah, salad, homemade sparkling grape juice

Saturday (with guests all day)

Breakfast -- Easy baked apple oatmeal, eggs, kefir fruit smoothies
Lunch -- Grilled cod, cooked brown rice, green beans, and carrots
Dinner -- Homemade pizza, green salad

Sunday (guests in the morning)

Whole-grain waffles, scrambled eggs, kefir fruit smoothies

One of last week's dinners: Creamy Macaroni & Cheese

Lunches this week:

Beans & rice, PBJs, or leftovers

Breakfasts this week:

Kefir smoothies

Grocery Shopping, Week 8 (QFC)

Groceries from QFC this week

Compared to last week, this week's grocery shopping feels like a frugal failure! I made out a menu and Joshua went to the nearby QFC (Kroger family) store. I'm not sure if I just didn't look at this week's ad closely enough, or what -- because the only thing on sale that I could use was avocados. (For example, grapes were on sale for $1.77/lb... not really a very good sale!)

So, we saved some time (by not going to Costco) but we didn't save any money. ;) We are having a bit of company this weekend (basically all weekend long!) and I won't be going grocery shopping again before they come, so I tried to make sure we would have plenty of good food to serve them. :)

Here is what we bought at QFC:

Romaine lettuce              $1.99
Leaf lettuce                    $1.99
Bananas ($0.69/lb)         $7.99
Pretzel sticks                  $2.19
Powdered sugar              $2.99
Avocados ($0.50/ea)       $3.00
Ranch dressing               $2.50
Apples                           $6.15
Green onions                  $3.87
Grape juice concentrate    $5.00
Club soda                      $1.98
Tomatoes                      $6.66
Donuts (not pictured)      $2.50

Total: $48.80

Total food budget remaining for February: $346.82 (out of $420)

My #1 mistake this week? Putting things on the list that I wanted, thinking that they couldn't possibly be that expensive, and not telling Joshua (who was the one going to the store) that I didn't really NEED something if it was too expensive.

If I had been at the store, I would have skipped the ranch dressing (we have enough to last another 7-10 days until Costco), apples (more bananas?), and tomatoes. And the pretzel sticks and donuts probably wouldn't have been purchased since those weren't on my list. ;)

Instead, Joshua had no idea just how essential the ranch dressing was, and purchased it since I had asked for it. Hmmm... is this a call for us to get cell phones so he could have asked me about it? ;)

Moral of the story: Stock up at Costco and try not to run out of things. If it's expensive at Costco, it's probably more expensive at QFC. And remember... we will survive without all the little "extras"!

The grape juice and club soda will be used to make homemade sparkling grape juice to serve to our guests this weekend. I'll post my week's menu shortly! :)


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