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Unusually snowy

Our Weber Q grill... covered in snow!

Joshua brushed several inches of snow off his Weber Q grill Saturday evening, and grilled us some yummy chicken. Are we the only crazy folks who like to grill year-round? I'm thrilled that Joshua is always willing and happy to grill food for us whenever I ask! :)

About 24 hours later, the grill was again covered in snow. A lot of snow! At least, an unusual amount of snow for here. Anyone want to make some snow ice cream with me? (I've never tried it but it sounds easy! haha)

Looking out our windows towards the hills... such a serene view, it's hard to believe that Seattle is only a few miles down the road, on the other side!

I'll be back later today with a giveaway, and tonight with a kitchen tip. I need to get some chores done while Joshua is outside playing in the snow with the boys. :)

Our children, through an artist's pen

This picture arrived in our mailbox yesterday, and I absolutely love it!!!! Do those little faces look familiar? Yep... it's Yehoshua, Eliyahu, and Ruth (who is 10.5 months old now, for those who asked)!

I've admired the art of Hannah C. Heyer in the past, as her sister Ruth is a good friend of mine. :) I did not know, however, that Ruth was secretly commissioning artwork of our children as a gift for us! What a wonderful surprise! :)

Here are close-ups. Hannah only had photos to go by, but she managed to capture their personalities amazingly well!

Ruth, with her bangs pulled back as usual. ;) I love her hand grasping the spatula and the other hand outspread with excitement! :)

Yehoshua, the experienced big brother, wearing his apron and chef's hat. The ears, the eyes, the chin... yep, that's Yehoshua. :)

Eliyahu... grinning excitedly at the prospect of helping. :) And I think if we could see more of his shirt, we would see that he's wearing his favorite green froggie shirt yet again. ;)

You can see more of Hannah's art (she's crafty too!) at AmbitiousSnail.etsy.com. :)

A new start

Wow, where to begin?! I could probably write you a book about the last month, but I should keep things shorter and more to-the-point. :)

My overflowing inbox makes me feel like Meredith. I don't think I've answered more than a couple emails in the past 6 weeks! I am grateful for your patience and continued support here even through such a long absence. :)

I also want to thank anyone who has made their Amazon.com purchases through our affiliate link! Little things like that remind us that our Heavenly Father is supplying and will supply all our needs. :)

We had so much support from friends and family during our recent move. Packing up the whole house and moving 2300 miles with little more than a week's notice was more than slightly crazy! But God's hand was surely guiding our steps and we're counting our blessings of a job (when so many are facing layoffs), a home that is warm in more ways than one, and fellowship here in our new location.

In almost every way, our lives have completely changed! City living is so very different from our edge-of-the-town rural Ohio home. Washington state is beautifully different from Northwest Ohio. We have a "new" set of family and friends, a new church, a new house, new places to shop, new scenery to look at. While there are definitely things we miss (particularly our family members in Ohio, but also some of the many things we left behind), I really do love it here! :)

Still processing...

Baked Spaghetti Squash

We've been safely in the Seattle area for several days now. Our trip was smooth and fairly easy, aside from being locked out of our hotel room for several hours one night due to a malfunctioning door (?!). After about 40 hours of driving over a 5-day period, it felt good to rest for a day or so before heading out to look for housing. We're still looking for rentals and are hoping to have made a decision within the next couple of days and unload all our "stuff" this week.

Moving has been somewhat draining and time-consuming, and I look forward to finding and settling in to a new place to call home. When I unpack my recipe box and cookware, and find time to snap pictures, I'll be ready to blog again. :)

A highlight of our trip was getting to stop at my friend Abigail's house, aka Paul's Grains. :) We spent about 12 hours there and had a great time. :) Abigail and I have had these matching shirts (both from thrift stores!) for several years and I made sure to pack mine in the car so we could match during our visit. :)

Finishing the packing...

This week has been insanely busy. After we started packing, we realised that packing up everything in 8 days' time is a very overwhelming task! Thankfully we've had lots of help and are finishing up packing tonight, with plans to load up the ABF trailer tomorrow morning.

We'll enjoy a restful Sabbath with my family and then start out on our long journey across the U.S. via I-80. ;)

There has been so much going on that I haven't taken any pictures -- but I'll do that tomorrow. Our internet will be off some time tomorrow (Friday) so I'm not sure when I'll be back to give an update -- probably depends on where we're spending the nights. :)

I have every intention of returning to regular blogging just as soon as we're settled in our new place! Packing for 8 days, driving for 5 days... my schedule is kinda packed right now. ;) But don't worry -- nothing's going to change here, once things slow down a little for me. :)

Thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes! We're so thankful for this new job opportunity, as Joshua would be losing his job here in the next few weeks anyway (layoffs). I am sure we're in for an adventure and some culture shock, but we're excited! :)

Cooking becomes even more exciting

A friend of mine made this chef's hat and hot pepper apron for Yehoshua. He loves it!!

This morning Yehoshua (4) was begging me to make bread. I did need to make bread today, so I told him to grab his hat and apron and he could help!

I let him measure and add most of the ingredients for my homemade whole wheat bread by himself. What fun!

When it was time to form the loaves, he got dressed up again and got to shape the mini loaves we were making. :)

Look at Ruth's grin! :)

This week is looking INSANELY busy for us. I'll be sure to put up a kitchen tip tomorrow, and I may be able to update through the week as time allows, but if we're going to be on the road in 6 more days, I've gotta pack FAST!!

Don't worry... when we're all moved and settled in, I have plenty of pictures and recipes waiting to be shared! :)

Starting over again: We're moving!!!

I think we're still getting over the shock of it all, but WE'RE MOVING!!! Joshua called me this afternoon and let me know that he was offered and accepted the job in Seattle, so we'll be heading out there soon. As in, about 9 days from now. Can this be real?!

Want to hear how AMAZING God is?!

Joshua is from the Seattle area, and we have always talked about the possibility of relocating there some day, but there seemed to be so many hurdles to jump through to do so, and we had given up on the idea for the time being.

Then last week, Joshua got a call from one of his friends out there who knew of a job possibility in the area. Joshua figured he might as well send in his resume, so he emailed them. They liked the look of it and requested a phone interview, so we figured he might as well at least learn more about the job.

The phone interview went well, and an in-person interview was requested. We spent a few days praying and going over the numbers for salary vs. increased living expenses, along with weighing allllllll the pros and cons of a new location. There were soooooo many different factors and whether we stayed here or moved, there were some big gains and some big losses!

But we decided a face-to-face interview was the logical next step while we continued thinking about it. Joshua went to orbitz.com to purchase tickets and found tickets for the exact times and days that he wanted, at the airport we wanted, with only 8 days' notice -- for $149. We were thanking Yahweh and telling ourselves "At least we'll only be out $200 and not $500!" ;)

Joshua went in to work that day and was going to ask for the next Friday (today) off of work, but before he could ask, he was told that there was no work that day -- it was scheduled as a "down" day. So, the day he would have had to take off for the interview -- it was already off!

Fast-forward a few days. We're still waffling over all the pros and cons of moving. Then Joshua goes in to work and is told that he will be layed off by December 1st at his current job.

Was God planning this, or what?! So then it became an issue of moving and having a job or staying here and not having one (the job market is not very good here in NW Ohio... we know this from first-hand experience unfortunately!) and we both decided that if he got the job in Seattle, we should move.

Finally, after hours that seemed much longer to me than to the rest of the world, I found out this afternoon that Joshua was hired and we will be moving!! I am going to be insanely busy if we're to be all packed and out of the house in a week!!

Okay, I've babbled on long enough. THANK YOU to all who prayed for us, commented or emailed with words of wisdom and encouragement, or offered to help us. I really can't express how great it feels to know that there's already family members, a church (Joshua's former church), old friends, and new friends (some of YOU!!) waiting there for us. :)

Now, for the next challenge: packing only what will fit in a 950 sq. ft. apartment. I thought our house was ~950 sq. ft. but either it's measured differently or else having a garage helps with storage. Any tips are more than welcome!! :)

Thank you...

Thank you all SO MUCH for sharing your comments here and through email. We have been spending all our spare minutes thinking about, praying about, and planning for a possible move (which, if it happens, could happen VERY quickly) so I haven't had time to write much... yet. :)

A few quick details -- Joshua grew up near Seattle, so we do have ties there, including a church. :) The job possibility would be on the north side of Seattle, but family, friends, and church would all be on the south side. Housing is much more expensive there, but there are other benefits that could outweigh the negatives. :)

I guess we'll have reached a decision by Friday, so I'll be sure to let you all know! :) Thanks for the enthusiasm, advice, and ideas. :D

Also, Ruth isn't feeling well, so I'm busy caring for her... I'll be back in time for a kitchen tip this week, though. :)

Moving? Input welcome! :)

After a flurry of events this week, Joshua has plane tickets to leave next week for a job interview in Seattle. The likelihood of him getting the job seems (at this point) contingent on whether or not we accept the offer.

We're still trying to process all the pros and cons of a long-distance move... particularly since we'd be paying for the move ourselves. ;) (We're in Ohio right now.)

I'd love some input! If you currently live in the Seattle area, I'd love to hear from you. And we're still investigating housing options, so ideas are appreciated. :)

Those of you who have done a long-distance move, how did you move your belongings? Anyone have any experience with U-Pack?

Social online stuff

After much consternation about whether I really wanted to add another website to my "check daily" list, I signed up at Twitter. So, now you know where to look if you're wondering what I've been up to between blog posts! :)

And, for Facebook users, I started a Tammy's Recipes Website group over there. I know, I know... I'm really getting around these days! ;)

I also wanted to say thanks to anyone who has placed an Amazon order through my affiliate link. I am grateful for the commission (usually about 6%) on the things you were already planning to buy through Amazon! :)

Your visits here, sweet comments, advice, encouragement, and support mean so much to us! I feel so blessed to be able to share whatever's on my heart to such a kind group of friends and lurkers. ;)

I am wondering though... which do you prefer for one-line updates: Twitter or Facebook? Or do you use both? :)


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