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Our friends!

We were blessed with a visit from our friends Lindsey, Abigail, Susanna and Lydia! Yehoshua, Ruth and I joined them for this picture. (L to R: Lydia, Susanna, Yehoshua, Lindsey, Ruth, Tammy, Abigail)

They drove all day to get here. We were excited to see them pull into our driveway about 6:30pm! I introduced Yehoshua and Eliyahu to everyone, and the boys very quickly started asking our guests to play with them. ;)

I had some leftover beef and barley soup to warm up, along with fresh homemade bread, cooked green beans, and a taco/bean dip with chips. I am always glad when guests come with an appetite! I guess when I serve food to others, it makes me feel like I'm doing my job as a hostess. :)


Ruth (6 mo.) sat on my lap while we ate. She's doesn't get any solids yet. :)

Abigail, Yehoshua and Eliyahu's "Auntie Abby" made them cover their eyes while she hid some surprises in the living room. They were very curious and had a lot of fun finding two wrapped packages, two outfits for Ruth, and a set of pajamas for Yehoshua. :) Yehoshua's gift was this screened-in bug box with a green plastic tweezers. He knew immediately what it was for (some friends of ours have one like it) and got very, very excited.

We told the boys that when the fireflies were out, we'd take them outside to catch some for Yehoshua's box. Here they were asking Lydia if the fireflies were out yet. :)

Finally it did get dark, and we all went out bug-hunting. We found a cicada, june bugs, a big red beetle (cicada-sized!) and lots of fireflies. When we were ready to go back inside, we let the bugs out of the box and discovered that while the cicada was inside, it had molted and was now a soft, wet green thing! Fascinating. :)

Lydia holding Ruth. Ruth was smiley and happy all evening. :)

Lindsey and Ruth, with the quilt that Lindsey's twin sister Erin made for Ruth. Ruth sleeps with it every night, holding onto the fringe with her little fingers... so sweet! :)

I had never met Lindsey in person, though we've known each other online for many years. It was fun to get to talk with her... our visit ended too soon! :(

Yehoshua and Auntie Abby... very very special buddies! This was their third meeting in person. Yehoshua could not have had a better time... he was grinning the whole time!!

The next morning, Auntie Abby and Yehoshua played banjo together. Yehoshua loves banjos, but had never seen one in person before.

Yehoshua also got to use her camera (with help, of course!) and he took at least a hundred pictures...

...including this one of all of us! (L to R: Joshua, Abigail, Susanna, Yehoshua, Lindsey, Lydia, Eliyahu, Ruth, Tammy)

We had waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast. Eliyahu got to lick the beaters! Abigail took this photo and I love it! She's very good with her camera. :)

Ruth looks stylish in Yehoshua's sunglasses.

And she loves to smile at the camera!

Up on her head... look, they hold her hair back out of her eyes!

I love happy giggly babies...

Babies are such a blessing!!

This is Ruth's most-beautiful-dress-that-fits-her-right-now! My friend Tanya made it for her. Yehoshua took all of these pictures of Ruth, by the way. He loves his little sister... he even tried to get her to use the camera with him!

Before she left, Abigail took a picture of our whole family! Joshua (age unknown), Tammy (me -- 26), Yehoshua (4), Eliyahu (2.5) and Ruth (6 mo.). Wow... I loved having several cameras in the house... I didn't pick up mine the whole time! (I actually don't really enjoy photography that much... having to grab my camera always kinda ruins the fun for me!)

Here and then gone, so quickly!

Yehoshua with his Auntie Abby

We were blessed with a wonderful 16-hour visit from some friends of ours from Iowa and Canada! I didn't take a single picture, but our guests let me copy from their memory cards... all 275 photos that were taken!! I'll be doing a big photo post later this evening. :)

In this picture my friend Abigail, Yehoshua's beloved "Auntie Abby", is letting him use her camera. He had so much fun with her... I think he would have liked to go home with her!! :)

Ruth and her mama

Ruth and I had fun playing with my sister Bonnie's webcam (in her laptop) last evening. :)

It was 9pm, and the boys were asleep... but little Ruth (6 months) thought it was playtime!

Taking pictures was fun! Posing was tricky though. I had never used a webcam before. :)

So Loveable

Yehoshua, Eliyahu, and Ruth

Though fuzzy, it's the best of the dozen or so pictures I tried to take of all three children one afternoon. :) At least it captures Yehoshua's infectious grin, Eliyahu's big-boy mannerisms, and Ruth's chubby baby-doll look. ;)

Yehoshua with Ruth

Yehoshua (4) loves taking care of Ruth (4 months in this photo). Actually, both boys are big helpers and love Ruth very much. They're constantly entertaining her (and waking her up from naps -- grrr!) and always want to be near her... :)

Ruth, 5 months old

And little Ruth, 5 months old... loves toys, tries to sit up, loves baths, plays peek-a-boo, giggles with us, loves being outside (what baby doesn't?!), and wears 6-9 month clothes these days...

She is just the sweetest little girl!! :) Ruth's cute jumper was a gift from my friend Tanya (see her little girl wearing an identical one over at her blog!).

We've been busy with more strawberries, cherries, mulberries, peas, weeding our own garden, etc. etc... I'm dreadfully behind in answering email or doing about 50 other things, including housework... I have about 10 blog posts in my mind waiting to be written... thanks for your patience and for forgiving me when I'm scatterbrained and don't remember to answer all the questions, etc. left in comments! If it's urgent, email me again. :D

Outdoor fun

Ruth, 4.5 months old

Our weather has been hot and sunny... perfect for doing lots of laundry and playing outside! The boys seemingly never tire of being out in the fresh air, and they've been blessed with many second-hand outdoor toys (including tricycles!) to make it even more fun. :)

Here was Ruth today, watching me take down and fold my laundry. :) She just looked so cute to me, I had to run back in the house for my camera!

Ruth, laughing!

Babies are such a blessing! (Sadly, not everyone feels that way.)

Ruth's Quilt

Ruth's baby feet on her quilt

Kelly asked if I would share about the quilt which has ended up in many of my photos of Ruth. Ruth's quilt is easily the most beautiful and treasured fabric item I've ever owned, so of course I'd love to share about it! :)

The front of my raw edge quilt

This quilt was made for/sent to Ruth by a friend of mine and her twin sister. I was speechless when I opened the box that came in the mail... and pulled out this quilt! I have never, ever had something so beautiful before. I loved it the minute I saw it!

This quilt is called a "raw edge" quilt or "shaggy quilt". I had never seen that sort of quilt before, so I looked it up online. ;) Anyway, the first thing I noticed about the quilt was that the edges had a sweet old-fashioned look -- crumpled and slightly frayed! :)

This is what the back of the quilt looks like! Soooo comforting to snuggle under. Ruth sleeps beside me at night, so that means I get to use her quilt, too. And we do use it... multiple times each day! :) The quilt isn't quite the size for a single/twin bed, but it's definitely a big crib/toddler size (it would be plenty large for Yehoshua to use, and he's 4).

A close-up of the back of the quilt. I love quilts (who doesn't?!) and someday I'd love to get a few supplies so I can make quilts. My past attempts -- completely hand-sewn with only a scissors, ruler, needle, and thread for supplies -- don't even compare to this quilt! I feel so blessed to have something so lovely. :)

More baby Ruth

Sweet little Ruth!

You all must love babies! Not many of my posts here get 37 comments! ;) Thanks for all the kind words. :) Here are a few more pictures of Ruth. :)

Ruth, sleeping

This is how Ruth sleeps! She sucks her right thumb, and put the back of her left hand/arm across her face. :) For the past month or so, this is how she always sleeps. When I put her down, if she does this, I know she'll be asleep in a couple minutes! Sometimes she stops nursing and does this... sadly, at times she wants her thumb and not nursing! :P

Ruth loves her daddy

A lot of mornings, I hang out my laundry during Ruth's morning nap. (Yehoshua and Eliyahu come outside and play while I hang.) If Ruth's awake, I take her out with me.


If we're in a room full of people and we hear the words "so much hair", we know they're talking about Ruth. I guess she has an extra lot of hair, but it seems normal to us, since we see her every day! :)


Such a precious blessing -- I can't imagine life without her! :)

Just like challah

Challah bread loaf (not baked yet)

This morning, I brushed my hair and put it into one big braid rather than the usual pony tail. Yes, I'm that stylish! Wink

Yehoshua watched me as I braided my hair, and I asked him, "Do you know what this is, Yehoshua?"

He said, "Yes. A braid. Grandma does that. It's just like challah!" :)

The sunshine in our lives

Ruth, 4 months old

Ruth Patience is our sweet smiling sunshine girl! She's such a precious blessing. It's been a while since I shared pictures of her, so here are a few! :)

Ruth, 4 months old

Ruth is 4 months old now. She eats well, sleeps well, and smiles lots. :) Her middle name, Patience, describes her well, as she occasionally has to be patient while I am attending to a brother-caused emergency of some sort, and she takes it all with a smile. :)

Ruth, 4 months old

Ruth's just getting interested in toys! :) We got some Peek-a-Blocks at a garage sale last week, and she's had a lot of fun with them! Yehoshua even builds towers for her to knock down. :)

Outside of "blog land"

I love blogging, but the really good part is taking things into "real life".

A hundred recipes on a website don't really do any good if my family is eating PBJ for dinner. A motivating post about homemaking is useless if I spend all my time and energy staring at a computer screen thinking about doing things instead of actually doing them.

And while I love sharing bits of our life here in my blog, it's even more exciting to sit down and actually spend time with folks... in "real life". :)

Crockpot Pizza, Creamed Asparagus, and some veggies

About 6 months ago, I was blessed to meet a local blog reader. Living in a somewhat rural area in NW Ohio, in a (relatively) small town, I think we were both shocked to discover that we lived in the same town! :) We've made good use of living in close proximity, with lots of visits and meals between our families. :)

It's fun to have a local friend who's passionate about many of the same things as I am. :) I'm passing along my love for receiving blanket diapers and homemade cloth wipes, and she's introducing my boys to goats and chickens. Oh, and I swapped some of my excess asparagus for some farm-fresh eggs. I know, I know... I got the good end of that deal! :)

This morning, she and I headed out to some garage sales in a nearby town. Have my regular readers caught on to my budding garage sale addiction this year? It's Joshua's fault for encouraging it, along with the fact that my children keep outgrowing their clothes... ;)

When we got home, it was lunch time. I had some crock pot pizza ready, and warmed up leftover creamed asparagus over pasta, along with some veggies.

Yes, I serve leftovers to guests. Sometimes. Let's just say that the focus was on garage sales, not food. ;) Or, starve your guests and when you finally feed them, they'll rave about anything. Something like that. ;)

Tired little Ruth...

Here's what Ruth thought about it all. By the time lunch was over, she was exhausted. :) She's sucking her thumb in this picture -- something she's really fond of doing. She must take after her mommy (I sucked my thumb until 3rd grade).


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