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Midwifery news for those who own a TV

Occasionally, I really wish we had a television! :) Like when the Seahawks were at the superbowl, or like tomorrow, when there's going to be a news broadcast about home birth in Missouri. Okay, so that's about once every two years, meaning I'm still glad we don't have one. ;)

But for those of you who do have a tv, and are at all interested in the status of midwife-attended home births in Missouri (it's currently a felony for a certified professional midwife to attend a home birth in Missouri), I got this email from my friend Mary Ueland -- the grassroots coordinator helping to change the ridiculous laws about midwifery in Missouri.

I just talked to one of the news producers at National Fox News a few minutes ago. They have spent the last two days driving and flying around Missouri, gathering the rest of the footage that they needed for their story on what's happening with midwifery in Missouri.

The past two days of interviews will be combined with the four hours of footage that they took home from the Circuit court hearing and the Aug 2 rally in Jefferson City.

The news producer told me that they plan to air it tomorrow [Friday, September 14] between 5 and 6 pm (CST, I believe). It will not be on your local Fox station, but rather on the Cable Fox channel (usually a couple of channels over from CNN, etc.).

Included in their many hours of film are:

The Circuit court hearing on the constitutionality of midwifery
Footage of the Aug 2 rally, held in the MO state capitol
Interviews with:
~ homebirth mothers and advocates
~ a pregnant woman, her husband, little boy and her...
~ Missouri midwife (includes her doing a prenatal with the mother)
~ Senator John Loudon
~ an obstetrician from St Louis
~ the Missouri State Medical Association's attorney

I have no idea what the coverage will be like, or which interviews they will use, or how many minutes they will give the story, but it's been in the works for several months and will be seen across the United States.

Hopefully, this will be part of a "tipping point" across the country, bringing people's attention to an issue of great importance.

Mary Ueland
Grassroots Coordinator,
Friends of Missouri Midwives

One of those meals

My friend Ashleigh had one of those meals... you know, like the ones I blog about here called "Tammy's Disasters"? Only hers is, of course, an Ashleigh's Disaster.

In her usual, entertaining way, Ashleigh writes about her perfect-fabulous-romantic-evening meal that turned out a little under-cooked and a little burnt. Yum! ;)

Jane's Garlic Herb Bread

Last winter, one of our guest chefs, Lindsey, shared her recipe for Hearty Herb Bread. It's a delicious homemade bread that goes great with a hot bowl of soup!

One of my readers, Jane, wrote out a slightly-adapted version of this recipe, including instructions for mixing the dough in her Kitchen Aid stand mixer. She shared lots of photos, including this lovely one of her finished loaves!

Jane's Garlic Herb Bread

Aren't they beautiful?! Head over to her post for the photo tutorial! :)

Bethany's August Cooking

For any of you who are interested in once-a-month cooking, Bethany has once again posted her recipe list, ingredient list (for shopping), and lots and lots of photos from her August cooking!!

So head over to her blog and check it out! :)

And your total is...

Take it from Bethany... always check your grocery receipt before leaving the store... you might save yourself $245.00!! :)

P.S. If you've never made homemade egg rolls, you might also enjoy Bethany's photo tutorial of how she makes hers! Ours are similar, though we use chicken, and seal the wraps with wet fingertips before frying. :)

Bagels, in French

I was surprised to come across this blog entry from a lady in France, who made our bagel recipe and translated it into French for her blog! :)

Since I don't know any French, I emailed Aline, a reader and commenter who knows both French and English. I was happy to hear that all those French words were saying good things about the bagels... and not bad! ;)

From Aline: "She says it's a great recipe, that doesn't contain any fat! The bagels are crusty on the outside and soft on the inside; this is a fantastic recipe, delicious with sweet or savoury topping. She also says thank you for your blog which, despite the fact that it's in english, is full of wonderful recipes. I think it was her mum who found the recipe and translated it for her."

Food for thought (Food-related posts you might enjoy!)

It's been a while since I posted about other good blog posts, but only because of lack of time or energy! So, here are some recent favorites, and my commentary. ;)

First, if you enjoy food posts with photos, then head over to Meredith's blog, because shes been posting lots of interesting things... from gourment lunchbox meals (and here I thought I was doing good just to get my husband's lunchbox packed with food, never minding the presentation! :D) to flavored vegetable water (now I'm wanting to make hummus... thanks for the suggestion!) to all about party food (wow, those tomato sandwiches are on the menu for my breakfast tomorrow! ;D). For someone who always talks about my food photos, well, I think this is pretty stiff competition! ;) But at least she has some disasters every now and then, like I do. ;)

Now, anyone who likes books and free pizza, and who has homeschoolers in elementary grades, check out Bethany's post about Book-It for homeschoolers! I was excited to read that they allow homeschoolers to participate! I'll have to wait another 2 years before Yehoshua would be eligible though. ;) Not that we need any more motivation to read... it's already one of our favorite daily activities! :)

Crystal at Biblical Womanhood made some homemade hot pockets and posted instructions and photos! I have made something similar in the past, but it's always nice to be reminded (with pictures!) of a simple meal idea. My menus have had anything BUT "Everyday Cooking Inspiration" (our phrase at the top of this site!) recently! :P

I wanted to try Mrs. Wilt's Sweet 'n' Tangy Macaroni Salad recipe, but it just hasn't happened yet. :) Since Joshua prefers potato salad over macaroni salad, trying this recipe hasn't been placed high enough on my list of "want to make"s... yet. :)

And lastly... this isn't exactly food-related, but Court has some humorous, well-written, and interesting tales about being a new mom to 3. I've been reading her posts with interest... and just a little fear. I sure hope this isn't what I'm in for! :D Actually, I am going to use the mindset I had when Eliyahu joined our family (prepare for the worst case scenario --  fussy baby and no sleep for weeks -- and certainly not 20 minutes to make a meal!) which involved a lot of planning and resulted in a pretty smooth transition. At least, a whole lot smoother than Yehoshua's entry into our home ("What?! You mean babies don't sleep all day? Some of them actually cry... a lot?! Maybe I should have put some food in the freezer after all...").

Meredith's fruit cobbler tips

Meredith posted about how she makes her basic fruit cobbler... quick, easy, and delicious! Since I've actually never made a cobbler that I thought turned out very well, I'll have to remember this post of hers. ;) Just today, I picked a couple quarts of mulberries (they're so big this year!) but I gave them to my mom... :)

And while you're over at Meredith's blog, she has a nice post about being a courteous guest. :) Always good food for thought, though as some of the comments left on her post suggest -- know your host and ask before doing. ;)

For example, I don't always like other people trying to cook in my kitchen, but joint cooking projects are usually fun. And who doesn't like help with the cleanup?! Even that can be tricky at times, though, when I have had guests insist on washing the dishes for me, when I would actually prefer to do it myself due to the large percentage of dirty dishes found when they've done the job... :)

However, while the guest has certain responsibilities, the hostess certainly has them as well, and a cheerful smile is more important than dirty dishes. :) More thoughts on hospitality can be found here.

Brandy's jam giveaway

Brandy's jam

Okay, friends... you have less than 24 hours to head over to Brandy's blog and enter her jam giveaway!!

In honor of her 24th birthday (and just for fun, too!), Brandy is giving away a gift package with apple butter, blackberry jam, strawberry jam, and currant jelly... all homemade from hand-picked fruits. See her post for more details!

And alllllll you have to do is leave a comment (well, I assume she needs some way of contacting you if you win, as well...) over on her post...

And as of right now, there are only four contestants. That means your chances of winning are really really high!! So be sure to enter. :D (Photo above is property of Brandy. :D )


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