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Tammy's Kitchen

Frugal Fridays: Mop re-fills

   Today's frugal fridays tip is for those of you who (like me) use one of those super-convenient Chlorox or Swiffer brand mops on your floors. The companies who make these wonderful mops count on a person purchasing special pads and bottles of cleaning solution...

...and paying approximately 50 cents (or more!) every time they mop their floor! Not me! Read how!

Blueberries + Cheesecake = Yum!

Blueberry Cheesecake Bars recipe  Here's a dessert that Joshua made this summer: Blueberry Cheesecake Bars! Joshua loves cheesecake; in fact, it's been months since I've made a cheesecake, because Joshua loves making them. He's our "cheesecake expert", and he sure knows how to make some great cheesecakes! Joshua has done a lot of research about different kinds and methods of cheesecake and really knows what he's doing. :)

Grocery Savings How-To! (From Crystal)

My friend Crystal is posting in her blog about how she manages to save 50% to 75% on her groceries by using cupons, sales, and rebates! I'm so impressed! She already has Secrets to supermarket savings -- Parts One and Two posted on her blog!

I usually get things on sale, and I occasionally get some free-with-rebate items (yay!), but saving big-time with coupons isn't something I've done very often. I'm so glad Crystal is sharing her experience in this with people like me!! :D

New poll: Do you taste-test your cooking?

After writing my recent Cooking Tips article, wherein I talked about sampling foods before serving them, I had the idea for the latest poll question: Do you sample foods when you're cooking? You get 5 choices, and no one can see what you voted, so you can be completely honest ;).

Guest Chef volunteer form: fixed!

I just discovered that there had been a problem with the form for volunteering to be a guest chef! I must have been the one who set it up and forgot to put in some pertinent information to allow it to work!

I solved the problem (thanks to Jessica, who alerted me to it!), and now I'm left wondering... who else volunteered to be a featured guest chef and thought I was just ignoring them?! If you want to be a featured guest chef, please let me know! :D

I feel like...

Naps.... ahhhhh....

I feel like this. But as you can see from the huge pile of laundry that needs put away... I better get busy and start using it for something other than a footrest. ;) 

This is how Joshua found me at noon today. Don't worry, I had already packed his lunch and planned dinner. :D I was only napping because Eliyahu wanted me to nap with him... ;)

Tea Review: Twinings Organic Tea

 I was so excited to receive in the mail a sample of Twinings Organic Tea! My friend Pinja, who is an avid tea-drinker (like myself :D) decided to share this sample of one of her favorite morning teas, and I quite enjoyed the experience! So did Yehoshua, as you can see for yourself... ;)  Twinings Organic Tea

Canning tomatoes, again!


 September has been a busy month for me these past two years, ever since we moved here and I've had a garden. :) Today Yehoshua and I canned some more tomatoes.

I'm feeling kinda chatty, so I thought I'd blog about our day. (Here is how Yehoshua looked when he was peeling tomatoes for me...)

Green tea: It won't prevent cancer, BUT...

 Here is a fascinating news article about a recent study done on green tea. Over 40,000 Japanese participants showed no cancer-fighting benefits from drinking green tea. However, the participants proved a drastically reduced rate of cardiovascular disease. (As much as 30% for women!)

It's always exciting to find that the things I enjoy drinking or eating truly do have scientifically-proven health benefits!


Frugal Fridays: Baby Washcloths

Baby wash cloth from burp rag!

Homemade cloth baby wipes   This week's Frugal Fridays tip is about making homemade baby washcloths by "recycling" old baby bath towels! I first did this when Yehoshua was small, and we've used these "homemade washcloths" ever since! Read about making them!